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roasted ham & vegetable pot pie

ham pot pie/feature

Having an easy, tasty pot pie recipe in your back pocket is like knowing your ABC’s – in an attempt to free us all from the shackles of a recipe – meet pot pie 101. whether you fill it with chicken, turkey, pork, beef, fish, shrimp, scallops, clams or a mess of roasted vegetables – it’s a method. So learn the method and you’ll have pot pie from now ’til the end of time!

potato fries roasted in the oven

Potato fries roasted in the oven can be yours every day when you start with a hot oven – season any way you like for a custom plate of fries every time! Whip up a dip and you’ll be set for life in the french fry department. There’s not a meal I can think of that won’t be enhanced by a platter of potato fries roasted in the oven!

ultimate thanksgiving leftovers guide

turkey dinner leftovers

Because Thanksgiving and Christmas share pretty much the same menu and because there is barely time to catch ones breath between meals – the leftover lecture is worth repeating! Leftover turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, vegetables and cranberry sauce all served up in ways you never thought of.

potatoes roasted in garlic, butter & olive oil


Perfect potatoes every time! Invite the world’s simplest food to dinner more often and discover the hundreds of ways to prepare the garden’s most complete offering – the potato!