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quinoa-crusted quiche

Quiche is a method – bring a grain-based crust together, load it up with vegetables and protein, held together with eggs and milk, and you’ve got yourself a meal for anytime of day.

mushrooms 101


Mushrooms are the ones to envy, they’ve got it all goin’ on – they will never be banned from a party (unless of course, you simply don’t like them – I’m assuming you do). What’s not to like? Their history is deep, spanning 1000’s of years, with as many varieties and just as many ways…

dumplings with pork, shrimp & mushrooms


Dumplings are treasured the world over and every culture has their own. They are easy to make at home with either store-bought wrappers or make your own dough. The filling options are as endless as your imagination – so feel free to lose your mind!

turkey day leftovers guide

Here’s to truckloads of leftover turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, vegetables and hopefully – cranberry sauce to transform your Thanksgiving Day leftovers into creative new meals!

mushrooms sautéed with a splash of red wine

sautéed mushrooms 10

The simplest way to cook mushrooms is to slice them and let them hang in a sauté pan along with a little butter and olive oil until they surrender, kinda like the first of many Goldman Sachs board members – into seared, caramelized, succulent heaven! It’s when they turn brown that a whole new layer…