cool clicks

Because thankfully, I’m crazed about a few other things besides food, so check-in often as I find sites that cook every single day!

smart art

for bookworms only

  • copy to – the only way to bookmark
  • float – find, save, & share any & everything you’d want to read on the web
  • good reads – the ultimate book tracker
  • otlet’s shelf – collect and publish a list of your favourite books
  • read – learn to read faster & better
  • track new book – get email alerts about new books you’ll love

amuse yourself

splash the cash

cooking crusaders

fellow foodies

There are so many wonderful food lovers and home cooks out there, I could be found 24/7 surfing all over their inspiration – so here are a few of my favorites –  who have either picked their passion as in baking or vegetarian or those who cook up just about anything. I’ve also scattered them throughout the well-stocked kitchen, where applicable – baking blogs would be under, you guessed it – baking items, vegetarian, that’s right, under vegetables. And if you’re in the mood to see what’s out there, check out the mother of all foodie blog rolls… and because my personal faves seem to be never-ending, yes, I had to index ’em the crazed way …

101 cookbooks to bleeding espresso

cake journal to culinary concoctions

delicious days to grill a chef

happy herbivore to our best bites

picky palate of yum to sweetopia

thanks for the food to zoe bakes

think drink

very clever

  • fit bit – keeps yourself on the list
  • keep me out – for those with questionable self-control
  • open culture – thought you couldn’t go to Yale?
  • tip nut – for those who love aha ways to do things
  • scrubly – isn’t it time to get rid of the riff raff?
  • sparked – micro-volunteer: help others one nano second at a time?
  • the 99 percent – making ideas happen
  • wunderlust – organize your life

groovy movies

listen up

what a trip

  • gtrot – make your trips awesome
  • hipmunk – finding a place to stay just got a whole lot easier
  • postagram – postcards 21st century-style
  • trip it – the ultimate travel organizer
  • trazzler – think global, act local