sweet potato fritters

sweet potao fritters/feature

Don’t get me wrong – peeled, boiled, smashed and mashed is a lovely way to prepare sweet potatoes, however there are other ways, like 100’s of them, and this is a great place to start! First, these can be made ahead and reheated just before serving, and second, I’ve just discovered that my large-holed grater breaks down a sweet potato like the feds interogating a crackhead – meaning? Without incident, like butta, piece ‘a cake, no problemo, easy peasy – grate ’em, dry ’em out a little (this will make ’em extra crispy), make a light batter, mix it all together, flavour it up any way you want, and get ready for heaven.

sweet potato fritters/done

So bypass the white potatoes for a change and head for their red-headed cousins – some grocers mistakenly mark sweet potatoes as yams – big difference, that’s like calling a carrot a parsnip, or fennel, celery, or a crepe a pancake, or your sister your brother, ok that might be a stretch –  but you get my point – sweet potatoes and yams are completely different vegetables! I’m so glad I got that off my chest – phew! Now that we’re clear what we’re talking about – go straighten out your local market – (I have on occasion) and once you let them ever-so- politely know that they’ve labelled the yams sweet potatoes, or vice versa, get back into their good graces, take a few off their hands, go home and get fryin’ fritters. And FYI – kids love these!

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sweet potatoes rinsed/grater

1. Gather the sweet potatoes, a coarse grater, scrub ’em, no need to peel – with the peel they have more fibre than oatmeal!

sweet potatoes grated

2. And get grating.

sweet potato fritters 4

3. If you’re doing the drying step – spread the grated sweet potato out on a baking try and leave in a warm oven for an hour or so. This is a completely elective step but thought I’d show you as today, apparently, I have the time.

sweet potatoes drying out

4. They’re slightly shrivelled which means they’ve lost moisture – halfway to crispy fritters!

sweet potatoes/ dry close-up

5. See? Allow to cool.

sweet potatoes/dry ingredients

6. While the sweet potatoes are cooling, sift the dry ingredients.

scallions sliced

7. Slice a scallion or 2 and heat up your pan to get ready to fry.

sweet potato fritters/club soda

8. Crack a can of soda water – this is what helps lighten things up.

sweet potato fritters/mix batter

9. Mix the batter.

sweet poatao fritters/add potato

10. Add the sweet potatoes and stir to coat completely.

sweet potato fritters/mixed

11. Just like this.

sweet poatao fritters/scallions

12. Add the scallions to the batter – this is where you can stir in what you like to add flavour or texture – see below.

sweet potato fritters/hot pan

13. Heat 1-2 tbsps. of vegetable oil in a wide skillet – when the surface of the oil shimmers, your ready to make fritters.

sweet potato friiters in pan

14. Drop the batter in by the heaping spoonful – smaller works better as there’s more surface area to crisp.

sweet potato fritters turned

15. See?

sweet potato fritters/done

16. Keep dropping, flipping & frying until you’re out of batter. Keep them warm on a wire rack in the oven while you’re dropping, flipping & frying.

sweet potao fritters/feature

17. And there you have it –  your stack of sweet sensational fritters! Serve with a soy dipping sauce or light sour cream.

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