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It’s time to liberate your snacking, seasoning and smack factor of everything that’s coming out of your kitchen – and here’s one way to do it. With its origin in Egypt, and the folks Down Under bringing it to our attention, dukkah is one compelling little concoction. So first a little history lesson – it’s “do-ka” and it means “to pound” ’cause that’s exactly how it went down before the food processor, folks were rockin’ a mortar & pestle. Nuts, seeds and spices are toasted and pounded/processed  into a granular mixture to perk up anything in it’s path! It’s traditionally served as a dipping spice alongside olive oil and crusty bread, and it’s time to break from tradition and push the dukkah envelope – a sprinkle in, on or over anything you serve will be all the better for it. And FYI, the variations are endless – it’s all negotiable – the nuts, the seeds, the herbs & the spices, so get on the dukkah train, it’s a game-changer!

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dukkah 1

1. Measure your nuts and seeds and get ready to toast.

dukkah 2

2. Colour means flavour – allow to cool.

dukkah 3

3. Like I said, colour means flavour and like I also said, allow to cool.

dukkah 4

4. Start adding the toasted, cooled ingredients to your processor.

dukkah 5

5. Pumpkin seeds are next.

dukkah 6

6. The cooled pumpkin seeds join the party.

dukkah 7

7. Coriander seeds go in the hot pan next – keep ’em moving.

dukkah 8

8. Down they go.

dukkah 9

9. Seeds are next.

dukkah 10

10. In they go.

dukkah 11

11. Peppercorns come to life with a quick toast.

dukkah 12

12. You want a high-end salt.

dukkah 13

13. Chili flakes are a must.

dukkah 14

14. And a teaspoon or two of dried mint.

dukkah 15

15. And everybody’s at the party, ready to rumble.

dukkah 14

15. And this would be what a rumble looks like!

dukkah feature 1

16. Taste is next – and the best way to do that is a little bread, dipped in olive oil and then into your dukkah! Adjust to suit whatever mood you’re in – push whatever flavour turns you on!

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