split-pea soup with herbes de provence

pea soup feature

With split-peas in the pantry, a healthy satisfying meal is not far behind and of all the legumes, these cook up pretty darn quick, no soaking required. Think of this as a starting point, a basic recipe you can springboard from – add any chopped up protein: grilled porkpulled pork loinbraised turkey legsmeatballs or sausages, even a pile of crumbled bacon – seriously delicious. Or up the veggie factor with anything you have on hand – diced, seared and simply stirred in before serving. Gotta love a classic that can morph into more variations than even Darwin could dream up – and all you gotta do is dig around your kitchen! To get you going, I’ve rounded up a few aberrations below – no soup Nazi here, ’cause you can make it yourself – NEXT!

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pea soup 1

1. Gather …

pea soup 2

2. … and prep what you’ve gathered.

pea soup 3

3. Get them in a medium hot soup pot with a little olive oil.

pea soup 4

4. Rinse the split-peas.

pea soup 5

5. Use whatever broth you have – I use a tablespoon of bouillon with water.

pea soup 6

6. Flavours of France are next.

pea soup 7

7. Add them to the sautéed vegetables.

pea soup 8

8. Bouillon is next.

pea soup 9

9. Add the water and give it a good stir.

pea soup 10

10. Lower heat to a simmer, cover and cook for 30-45 minutes.

pea soup 15

11. Ta da … 45 minutes later.

pea soup 14

12. Leave it chunky.

pea soup 12

13. Or give it a couple of turns with an immersion blender.

pea soup feature

14. Ladle it out and finish with a swirl of olive oil.

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