split pea soup with ham (or not)

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When you start with the 3 most vital vegetables in any  cook’s pantry, one thing is guaranteed to be in every pot – flavour, flavour and more flavour – and not just any flavour – deep, rich, complex, can’t-get-it-any-other-way flavour! And that’s what pretty much happens when the first things on your board are onions, carrots & celery! And of the 100’s of possible outcomes, it’s easy to see how entire cultures have built their national cuisines atop these 3 simple ingredients – and one of the very first outcomes was split pea soup, which has been doled out in Europe for centuries, 100’s of them – let’s just say the pyramid builders scarfed it back on their lunch breaks! Fast forward a few 1000 years and we’re still scarfing it back – with or without the ham, and there’s as many variations as you can imagine – I’ve got you started with a few switch-ups below.

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Split pea soup is a classic, gotten more exposure as soup-of-the-day than the Kardashians have in  “reality”, and thankfully, is a heckuva’ lot easier to digest! So start creating flavour like you know what you’re doing – because you do! Trust the zillions of belly’s that’ve come before and kept split pea soup on the menu since man was hunkered down over a pile of bricks, throwing a few pyramids together!

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1. Get the holy trinity diced up.

split pea soup 2

2. Get them in a hot pot with a little olive oil.

split pea soup 6

3. Measure your split peas and get your bay leaves ready – the only aromatic at this classic party!

split pea soup 7

4. Give your peas a rinse.

split pea soup 3

5. Get your stock ready, I use bouillon paste.

split pea soup 4

6. And that involves water.

split pea soup 5

7. Stir in the bouillon – and you’ve now got stock!

split pea soup 8

8. Add the rinsed split peas to the pot.

split pea soup 9

9. Then the stock.

split pea soup 10

10. Add the precious bay leaves and give it a good stir.

split pea soup 11

11. On goes the lid.

split pea soup 12

12. Now I’m using a pressure cooker and that’s for 12 minutes and then I put it on to slow cook for a couple of hours which seems to bring some real love to the pot.

split pea soup 14

13. And this is what you’ll find before you give it a stir.

split pea soup 13

14. If you’re using ham or anything else for that matter, dice it up – if not, it’s ready to go.

split pea soup 15

15. Stir in the ham.

split pea soup 16

16. And it’s ready to serve.

split pea soup'/feature 2

17. Enjoy!

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