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You got yer pork, you got yer smoke and you got yer grill – what else do you need besides a bring-that-loin-to-it’s-knees marinade! It’s what you do to the loin before it hits the heat that makes it beg for mercy after – ain’t that the way it usually goes – soften ’em up and go in for the kill!

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Between the lime juice & the soy sauce, this pork loin doesn’t have a chance. Grill up a couple of hunks (of pork!) and if you accessorize it correctly, an itty bitty loin can serve a crowd! Meaning, slice it up alongside a basket of fresh buns (make ’em yourself or hit up your local bakery), mounds of crunchy coleslawcaramelized onionssautéed mushrooms and a cooler of instant ice-cold beer – now that’s how you serve up a loin of pork to feed a flock of friends in a flash, including the ice-cold beer! And FYI – the smoke is optional, as is the grill, it’s the the marinade and high heat that’ll bring on the pork loin love! 

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1. Whatever your marinade – get it in a ziploc bag. Here, I’m using soy sauce, garlic, maple syrup, lime juice & olive oil.

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2. If your loin’s a big one (the pork, the pork!) – cut it in half so it fits in the bag easily.

pork smoky grilled 3

3. Just like this.

pork smoky grilled 4

4. Get them in the bag, seal it and give the meat a good massage to work the marinade all over.

pork smoky grilled 5

5. Put the bag in a bowl and put it in the fridge – it can stay there anywhere from 4 to 24 hours! Why the bowl? Just in case it leaks, of course.

pork smoky grilled 6

6. Meanwhile get some wood chips in a bowl.

pork smoky grilled 7

7. Generously cover the chips with water and leave it to soak for at least 30 minutes.

pork smoky grilled 8

8. When you’re ready to get your grill going – drain the chips and place them in the centre of a piece of aluminum foil – you’re making a foil smoking pouch!

pork smoky grilled 9

9. Fold over and get ready to fold all the edges in.

pork smoky grilled 10

10. Just like this.

pork smoky grilled 11

11. Grab your meat thermometer – it’s perfect for making holes for the smoke to escape and you’re going to need it to check your loin for doneness.

pork smoky grilled 12

12. Just like this.

pork smoky grilled 13

13. Pour any remaining wood chips through a sieve and save them for later. How, you ask?

pork smoky grilled 14

14. In a ziploc sandwich bag, seal and, wait for it – put it in the freezer. Next time you’ll have wet chips ready to go. Makes me wonder why you can’t buy frozen wood chips, ready to go!

pork smoky grilled 16

15. Get your loin out and let it warm up on the counter for an hour before grilling – I just slice the bag open. Put the aluminum packet of wood chips under the grilling grate of your grill and get your grill smokin’ hot! Once you see smoke, this shouldn’t take long – run for your pork!

pork smoky grilled 17

16. Using a cast iron skillet is an easy way to transport items to and from the grill.

pork smoky grilled 18

17. Place the loins on the grill and take note of the aluminum smoke packet under the grate (lower left).

pork smoky grilled 19

18. After 5-6 minutes – turn to the pork over.

pork smoky grilled 20

19. Turn again until it looks like this. Use a meat thermometer to check for doneness – you’re looking for 160°F.

pork smoky grilled 22

20. Line your cast iron skillet (or any pan, plate, dish or bowl) with aluminum foil because you’re going to want to wrap it and let it rest before digging in. A crucial step most don’t plan on – it’s like being on the 1-yard line and dropping the ball! Don’t drop the ball – let it rest.

pork smoky grilled 23

21. Get it in the foil.

pork smoky grilled 24

22. And wrap it up.

pork smoky grilled 21

23. While the meat is resting make a little version of the marinade – a little soy sauce, lime juice and olive oil to drizzle over before serving.

pork smoky grilled 25

24. When you move the meat to a board to slice it, any juices in the bottom of the foil should be added to your little drizzle sauce to bring it full circle!

pork smoky grilled 26

25. Slice it, admire it, drizzle some sauce – and eat it any way you like – as is, in, on, over or under anything!

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26. It won’t last long when you’re serving the juiciest, melt-in-your-mouth pork that ever passed any lip!

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27. Amen.

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