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Here’s a clever little trick – whenever you find fruit at bargain-basement prices, feel free to let your inner hoarder run wild! No, you don’t have to eat it straight for days to avoid waste, nor do you have to spend hours coming up with, and then executing, ways to use it – simply prep it, pile it in a processor, flip the switch and let ‘er rip. And thanks to an ice cube tray or two, you’ll have nifty little cubes to pop in a smoothie, toss in a sauce or lace a lassi. But do enjoy a few mangos for a day or two or three, here are 25 ways to do so.

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So next time your local fruit stand is selling the farm – get in on the action and you’ll have a fresh supply of all your in-season favourites to enjoy whenever, and however, you like! Think strawberries, bananas, blueberries, cherries, avocado, apricots, peaches, plums, pears, or dare I say it – a combo, ok I’ll stop now. And FYI, vegetable cubes are another story, for another day …

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1. Gather your mangos, a knife (or mango splitter), ice cube trays and your processor.

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2. I have a splitter, so I start splitting.

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3. Slice and scrape, or slice and dice the mango off the skin and load up your processor.

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4. Whiz it to smithereens.

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5. Transfer the purée to a cup measure or jug (for easy pouring) and start filling your ice cube trays.

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6. Until you have no purée left and pop the trays in the freezer.

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7. A few hours later – frozen mango cubes.

mango cubes feature

8. And with a little twist of the tray, they pop right out.

mango cubes 8

9. Get them in a bag and put them right back in the freezer.

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