asparagus roasted with garlic & lemon

Once upon a time, when the world ate locally – asparagus was the sure sign of spring, and us asparagus lovers wouldn’t have it any other way. These days, asparagus can be enjoyed year round and like anything you can get when you’re not supposed to get it, you’ll pay. You’ll know what broke the bank when you see it on the table in the dead of winter.

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Wait for spring – it’s when asparagus is the most tender, fresh and delicious – when it didn’t have to book a flight to get to you. This is one thing in life worth waiting for – real asparagus from your local farmer, when spring has just sprung – wait – look – spring is sprunging – and with this throw-together in your back pocket – you’ll be swallowing more spears than those crazy freaks who do it for a living!

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1. Lay your prepped asparagus out on a baking pan and give it a good hit of olive oil, salt & pepper.

asparagus roasted 2

2. See? A nice hit.

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3. Thinly slice a few cloves of garlic – the more the better as this’ll turn into candy on top of your spears!

asparagus roasted 5

4. Sprinkle the garlic all over and roll the asparagus around to get everyone well-aquainted.

asparagus roasted 6

5. Just like that. Hit it with anything else you’d like to hit it with – smoked paprika? dried thyme or oregano? cayenne peppa?! And send it to your hotter-than-hot oven – that’s the secret – searing hot.

asparagus roasted 10

6. And that’s what you get with hotter-than-hot – al dente asparagus and roasty toasty shards of garlic!

asparagus roasted 9

7. Break out a lemon and give it a squeeze, even a little zest would be a good idea! I had that good idea after the photo opp!

asparagus roasted/feature

8. Let’s admire one more time … okay, dig in!

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