bok choy with soy, garlic, ginger & sesame

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This cooks up in a flash and will be a welcome addition to any menu loaded with the rich & famous – creamy mashed potatoes slathered in gravy, cheesy scalloped potatoes chock-full of cheddar, souped-up stuffing or fully-loaded sweet potatoes! In fact, this would be gorgeous simply piled high over a platter brimming with those perfectly mashed potatoes – the crunch from the stalks, and the green from the leaves, pair perfectly with the creaminess of the mash, and take it over the top with a drizzle of gravy … oh my …

bok choy 14

Ok, I’m back – this is fast, fresh and a perfect choice to balance out the heavier sides that seem to end up on every table (aside from at) around this time of year! So how to perfectly cook bok choy? Simple – separate the leaves from the stalks – and you’ve got yourself a pile of perfecty prepped bok choy. If there ever was a poster child for divide and conquer – this would be it!  Start with the stalks and finish with the leaves – the former will be just crunchy, and the latter will be just wilted, ’cause if you simply slice up the whole thing and throw it in a hot pan, the leaves simply don’t stand a chance. So on the lighter side, try something a little different – divide and reunite, before you conquer, another veggie side that won’t clog your arteries before it’s time to say “what medication?!”

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bok choy 1

1. Gather the players.

bok choy 2

2. Give the bok choy a good rinse.

bok choy 3

3. Separate the leaves, peel the garlic and ginger.

bok choy 4

4. Separate the stalks from the leaves by simply cutting the white away from the green – if you’re precise, it’s always shaped like an arrow.

bok choy 5

5. You’ll have a pile of stalks and a pile of greens.

bok choy 6

6. Slice the stalks into 1/2″ pieces and run your knife roughly through the leaves.

bok choy 7

7. Grate the ginger and mince the garlic.

bok choy 8

8. Toss the stalks into a hot pan swirled with olive oil.

bok choy 10

9. Add the soy sauce.

bok choy 11

10. The garlic & ginger are next.

bok choy 12

11. Stir it all around and continue sautéing for another minute.

bok choy 13

12. Pile the roughly chopped leaves on top.

bok choy 14

13. Turn it over with tongs a few times.

bok choy 15

14. And continue moving it around for a minute or two – the leaves wilt very quickly (which is why perfectly cooked bok choy starts with stalks and ends with leaves).

bok choy 16

15. Sprinkle on a little sesame oil and seeds – but don’t fuss with it if you don’t have these on hand – carry on.

bok choy 17

16. Pile the bok choy on a plate and finish with another sprinkle of sesame seeds – dig in!

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