cauliflower steaks

When you sear up a steak of the vegetable variety, it all of a sudden becomes much easier to bypass steaks of the once-living variety! Cauliflower is loaded with more natural sugars than the Mickey Mouse Club – so when you fire up a hot pan, you’ve got super-searing on an epic scale – just like what happened to those kids from the Club!

cauliflower steaks feature

Once seared, these beauties can be served up just as you would any steak, from any source – brother-from-another, if you see what I’m sayin’! And when you get your brother-from-another ready to go, think in, on, over, under and beside just about anything – on a kaiser, in a pita, over mash, under pasta or beside an entrée – cut your head in half (not your head, the cauliflower – and if it’s small, leave it whole) then slice it into thick steaks, season ’em up however you like (there are loads of ideas below) and lay them in a hot pan – 2, 3, 4  minutes on each side, and you got yourself some seriously seared steaks!

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cauliflower steaks 1

1. Slice your rinsed cauliflower into thick steak-like slices – this head was on the small side so I dove right in.

olive oil

2. Either brush the steaks or put a couple of glugs of seasoned olive oil in a medium hot pan – I put it right in the hot pan.

cauliflower steaks 2

3. And lay in your steaks.

cauliflower steaks 3

4. This is what it looks like after 4-5 minutes – some serious searing going on.

cauliflower steaks 5

5. Give ’em a flip.

cauliflower steaks feature

6. And that’s it!

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