creamy chickpea pasta sauce

Pasta sauce that starts with, or should I say ends with one of the healthiest beans puréed to resemble full-fat cream, is a pasta sauce I’m happy to embrace. Richness can come in many forms, remember cauliflower cream sauce! Come to think of it, you could us that in place of the chickpeas but for the sake of this recipe – chickpeas is standing in for all things creamy!

chickpea pasta sauce/feature

And as with many of my recipes, this is also a method – once you have the basic sauce down, any combination of sautéed vegetables, meatballs, grilled meats, chicken or fish, shrimp, seared crab or tofu can be added to create a glorious pasta that can be different every time. Get your imagination going with a few flavour ideas below and you have another fantastic, healthy go-to recipe from now ’til the end of time!

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chickpea pasta sauce/ingredients

1. Gather the ingredients.

chickpea pasta sauce/pancetta

2. Get the bacon or pancetta going in a pan.

chickpea pasta sauce/onion

3. Add the onions & garlic.

chickpea pasta sauce/cooked onion

4. Cook until they look like this.

chickpea pasta sauce/chick peas

5. Meanwhile, rinse and drain a can of chickpeas, add the chicken stock and purée until smooth.

chickpea pasta sauce/puréed

6. See? Smooth and creamy, mother nature-style!

chickpea pasta sauce/add

7. Add chopped parsley, a can of diced tomatoes and the puréed chickpeas to the onion mixture.

chickpea pasta sauce/stir

8. Stir it all around to mix well. That’s the basic sauce.

chickpea pasta sauce/pasta water

9. Cook a whack of pasta and scoop out a couple of cups of pasta water.

chickpea pasta sauce/water

10. This is the secret ingredient – it’s the starch in the water that turns the sauce into velvet.

chickpea pasta sauce/noodles

11. Either scoop out the pasta and add it directly to the sauce or …

chickpea pasta sauce/pasta drained

12. Drain the pasta in a colander because you did hold back some of the pasta water – right?

chickpea pasta sauce/add noodles

13. Once you add the pasta to the sauce, toss it to mix well.

chickpea pasta sauce/add water

14. If the sauce needs loosening – drizzle in some pasta water.

chickpea pasta sauce 4

15. Pile it on a platter and enjoy.

chickpea pasta sauce 2

16. Parmesan cheese and olive oil complete this pasta!

chickpea pasta sauce/soup

17. And what’s this? Add more stock and it becomes a heavenly soup!

chickpea pasta sauce/tortilla

18. Or grab a tortilla, spread a little light cream cheese, a little cheddar and a spoonful of pasta – now what?

chickpea pasta sauce/tortilla

19. Roll it up burrito-style.

chickpea pasta sauce/tortilla browned

20. And brown it in a hot dry pan.

chickpea pasta sauce/tortilla

21. Slice in half and you’ve got another great way to serve this pasta – especially for leftovers!

2 Responses to creamy chickpea pasta sauce
  1. Kieran
    December 18, 2012 | 8:18 pm

    Great recipe! I actually missed the bit about cauliflower cream in the first reading, but had some cauliflower in the fridge and used it with the chickpeas anyway. I ended up making a lot, though — enough for two batches of pasta. I think I’ll be using the rest for scalloped potatoes as you suggest.

    Thanks for figuring this one out!

    • crazed cook
      March 25, 2013 | 5:07 pm

      I’m always looking for ways to sneak healthy ingredients into all kinds of dishes. Hope your potatoes worked out!

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