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In a desperate attempt to fight the urge to post something green, and believe me it’s not easy – my bottle of green food colouring is calling my name. But today I’m calling all non-baking candy lovers who want to make cookies, but before I get to that – if someone were to ask you the signficance of St. Patrick’s Day, would your hand go up, would you start doing a jig? Me neither. So in an attempt to shed a little light on this international day of green, beer, green beer, blessings, parades, luck, shamrocks, clovers, corned beef & cabbage – consumed in whatever combination speaks to your inner leprechaun – I’ve done a little compiling (which is something I’m apparently compelled to do) – compelled to compile! And thankfully for all of us, my compulsion to compile will save me much construing – so here we go:

If you’re Oirish, you probably don’t need any suggestions and if you’re not – I think you’re set! So onto the main event– this “cookie” gives new meaning to easy bake – it’s the Eat-More candy bar, cut into pieces and baked – and by eat-more cookies, I mean the eat-more candy bar as opposed to “come on, eat more cookies”! Get yourself some bars, cut ’em into pieces, arrange them on a parchment-lined tray and bake until the toffee melts into a delectable cookie to go with anything, at any time. Makes me wonder what other “cookies” are lurking in the candy bar section of the grocery store? You can stop paying attention now.

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eatmore wrappers

1. Get yourself some Eat-More candy bars.

eat more candy/ unwrapped

2. Unwrap them and get ready to cut.

eat more/measure

3. Cut them in half and then cut each half into equal-size pieces.

eat more

4. Use a piece as a guide to continue to cut up all the candy bars.


eat more/cut

5. So you’ll have a pile of pieces.

eat-more cookies 7

6. Lay them on a baking sheet like this, with lots of room to spread out.

eat-more cookies 6

7. This’ll give you an idea of the unbaked- to-baked ratio in the spreadability department.

eat-more cookies 8

8. After 5-8 minutes or so they will look like this. You’re just trying to melt them as opposed to cook them.

eat-more cookies 9

9. When they’re warm, they’re pliable and will wrap beautifully around all sorts of things to create different shapes – and with whipped cream or ice cream can become a dramatic dessert. Work them into a muffin tin for an edible bowl!

eat-more cookies feature 1

10. Keep baking and cooling and you’ll have a pile of cookies to rival any cookie queen at any bake-off, anywhere!

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  1. Jean Gardiner
    April 21, 2012 | 11:40 am

    Where, oh where, do you find EatMore candy bars in Toronto? A colleague and I have looked for two years and have come up empty-handed.

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