parchment paper

If parchment paper is something you have yet to embrace, long for, worship and adore – well, get ready to fall hard for one of ­the most tireless workers in your kitchen (besides you, of course). Your life is about to get so fantastically easier, it will make falling off that proverbial log really seem like a round of  brain surgery while launching a rocket. So first, what the heck is it – paper? – that can withstand heat conditions on par with Venus? How so? Yes, logic tells us flames should be right around the corner, but logic needs to listen up. As long as open flame is at bay – you can be cookin’ with parchment.

parchment paper

For all you science-based thinkers – parchment paper is paper after a trip through the chemistry lab. Once you’ve wrapped your head around the fact that it won’t burst into flames in your oven (unless its under the broiler), wrap your head around all it can do for you.  So fasten your apron strings and here we go –

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  1. it’s non-stick, so yes, you do own non-stick bakeware – and you’ll be using much less fat in the process – no more greasing pans with extra, unwanted fat
  2. it resists grease, moisture & heat
  3. it can line every pan in your kitchen – for brownies, cakes, cookies
  4. make a parchment “sling” for easy removal of sticky bar cookies – cut 2 pieces of parchment to fit the pan, lay perpendicular to each other and simply lift out after baking
  5. line the bottom of bamboo/metal steamers to prevent foods from sticking – especially dumplings & other dim sum items
  6. make pizza directly on parchment for easy transferring either onto a peel or a pan or use directly on a baking stone
  7. never face a sticky, icky chicken wing or rib pan again – start with parchment, just let it cool before you fold it up and toss it – a quick rinse of the pan is usually enough
  8. parchment paper is a perfect non-stick surface for chocolate and candies that are setting
  9. make a disposable pastry bag
  10. folded into a package to cook en papillote
  11. fold a paper cone to make cookie & cake decorating a breeze
  12. keep the cake plate clean when icing by placing strips around the edge of the plate under the cake while you ice – slide them out when you’re finished leaving a clean plate
  13. cut out simple shapes and lay on top of a cake for easy decorating with powdered sugar or cocoa
  14. move, measure & refill dry ingredients in any container easily by forming a funnel with the parchment
  15. cut small sections of parchment and lay between pieces of cake, pancakes, crépes, burgers, steaks, pork chops, fish fillets, chicken breasts,  – anything that needs to be separated before heading to the freezer – this way you can remove the exact number you need
  16. it’s a splatter shield for plates and dishes in the microwave
  17. it’s a splatter shield for hand-held mixers – lay a piece of parchment (large enough to cover the bowl you’re working with) over the end of your beater, mark where the beaters are, puncture through the paper with the beaters, lay over the bowl and start beating. – no more splatters.
  18. make rolling out pie dough painless by placing the dough between 2 sheets of parchment paper – no more sticking to the rolling pin and transferring the rolled out dough to the pie plate is much easier plus you’re left with a clean counter!
  19. use parchment to wrap soft cheeses like brie or camembert – it allows the cheese to breathe markedly extending the shelf-life
  20. line a plate or container with parchment paper before storing crispy foods – no more soggy pizza crusts – they’ll stay crisp when stored on parchment paper after cooling – and lay a round of parchment in the microwave when it’s time to reheat the pizza to help prevent sloppy soggy seconds
  21. make simple snack cones for greasy foods such as fries or buttery popcorn – just make a cone and seal with tape, and you can make them whatever size suits you
  22. it’s a great liner for food gift boxes, storage containers or even drawers!
  23. parchment can be re-used may times, especially for “clean” applications like cookies – keep a gently used sheets rolled around an empty paper towel holder
  24. talk about go green – not only is the paper itself compostable & biodegradable, the box (sans metal cutter) goes right in the recycle bin

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2 Responses to parchment paper
  1. Auntie Martha
    November 5, 2011 | 11:02 am

    You are so right! In New Zealand we call it baking paper and I just leave a piece on my cookie sheet for weeks and reuse it– Perfect for baking cookies in a hurry before school in the morning. You can lift the whole piece of baking paper off the cookie sheet onto the cooling rack in one go and the kids help themselves when making their lunches. This is definitely one of the best technologies ever ~

    ~ besides your gorgeous recipes!

    love from Dunedin

  2. Julie
    November 20, 2011 | 3:33 pm

    I love parchment paper! Besides baking, I also like it for cooking fish (wrapped in parcels and baked). And making candied nuts … they should use that candy to stick the tiles on the Space Shuttle, ’cause it NEVER comes off your cookie sheet. And you can also cut it to fit inside a skillet for use on top of the stove. And it’s also compostable! What’s not to love?!

    Love, love, LOVE your site!!!


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