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Kale chips – sounds like an oxymoron – contradictory words that end up next to each other – and here are some of my  faves,  so here we go – good grief, pretty ugly, butt head, free trade, crash landing, civil war, found missing, small crowd, deafening silence, act naturally, only choice, exact estimate, living dead, genuine imitation, random order, constant variable, plastic glasses, alone together, clearly confused, seriously funny, Hell’s Angels, virtual reality, original copies, freezer burn, minor crisis, tragic comedy, and I’m going to add kale chips to the list.

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And to really blow your mind, check this out – the bumper sticker read “help cure cancer”, now wait for it … the driver was smoking. Smoking! Woooow! Back to my list – jumbo shrimp, boneless ribs, white chocolate, hot chili, ice tea, and one of my favorites – junk food. In my never-ending pursuit of healthy alternatives to all things nasty, but oh so very appealing (like potato chips), these chips deserve your attention – not a bad way to scarf a kilo of kale!

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1. Get a pile of gorgeous kale.

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2. Cut out the thick stem leaving just the leaves and tear into chip sized pieces.

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3. Put in a colander and rinse well.

kale chips 7

4. Spin dry . Get the kale as dry as possible.

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5. Put olive oil, salt and seasonings in a large bowl and mix well.

kale chips 9

6. Add the kale and toss thoroughly to coat.

kale chips 13

7. Spread it out on a cookie sheet in an even layer. Very important. You want chips not steamed kale!

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8. See? After about 10-15 minutes, the kale shrivels up, loses it’s moisture and gets as crisp as can be.

kale chips 16

9. Pile it on a plate and get another batch ready for the oven. Do this for as long as you want kale chips.

kale chips 18

10. More piles on plates, more kale headed for the oven.

kale chips/feature

11. And there you have it … kale chips.

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