seared surimi crab

seared crab/pizzaThe crab should be honoured – imitation really is the highest form of flattery. How many foods can boast a look-alike, a mimic, a poseur, an impersonator, that actually rivals the real thing? Well … crab does. If you are not familiar with this crab copycat, then listen up. It looks like crab, it acts like crab and for those who really don’t know any better (which is a few of us) it taste like crab – and is a heckuva lot easier to eat, no digging required. If you haven’t wondered yet, you should have – if it’s imitation, then what the heck is it made of? Thankfully, fish does stand in here, as the great pretender – along with a few other ingredients to create this tasty seafood stand-in, known by insiders as surimi. So, do not be afraid – unlike other faux foods – this is simply one which swaps uptown for downtown – seafood for fish – headed wherever you want it to, and in this case, it’s headed for a pizza.

seared crab

And when you help it along in the flavour department, and follow it up with some serious searing – your family and friends will wonder how you’re managing to serve one of the most delectable delicacies the ocean has to offer as often as canned tuna – well, it’ll be our little secret. It’s most often found in salad rolls and sushi, served cold – which certainly is a tasty way to enjoy it, but get a little heat going and you will be somewhere else entirely. Where, you ask? Well read on to find out where a mess of seared surimi can end up …

brownies with black beans, double chocolate & walnuts

brownies/bb feature

Double chocolate black bean brownies with walnuts are heaven sent – black beans bring the texture, cocoa powder brings the flavour and you bring your imagination. With this in your sweet storehouse, you’ll be serving dessert first and often! These babies are fully-loaded – with fibre, thanks to the black beans, with antioxidants thanks to the cocoa powder and with heart-healthy fat thanks to the olive oil! Now how many sweet decadent delights can you say that about?

eggs in pepper rings

eggs in pepper rings

Did you know that we all own a never-ending set of ring molds that take up absolutely no space in our gadgets-we-rarely-use drawer? I know, I know – I didn’t either – but we do! Meet Mr. Red Pepper, sliced into thick rounds, makes the perfect ring mold minus the fuss of oiling & washing…

hummus with spice & parsley


Hummus is a favourite goto dip we can all enjoy without the guilt! Armed with a can of chick peas and a jar of tahini you too can be snacking on something healthy where the variations are endless.

wild rice salad with toasted nuts & grapes

wild rice salad

Wild rice in a salad is a great way to enjoy this pricey seed – cook up a cup or two , and have it on hand to toss into all sorts of dishes – soups, omelettes, frittatas, muffins, cookies, pancakes, crêpes – enjoy it in combination to extend your stash!

chickpea peanut sauce

chickpea peanut sauce/feature

Peanut sauce made with chick peas, not vats of peanut butter is not only a healthy way to get garbanzos in your diet, but when pulverized in the food processor, mimics the texture of high fat peanut butter. This is a delicious sauce to accompany anything on your plate – chicken, pork, burgers, fish, salads, wraps … limited only by your imagination!

quinoa-crusted quiche

Quiche is a method – bring a grain-based crust together, load it up with vegetables and protein, held together with eggs and milk, and you’ve got yourself a meal for anytime of day.

zucchini bread with lemon zest & almonds

zucchini bread with lemon zest & almonds

Quick breads come together in no time, freeze beautifully and best of all – you can load ’em up with all sorts of powerhouse ingredients. Think carrots, zucchini, kale, squash, spinach – all sorts of vegetables can be hidden in a delicious quick bread packed with all things tasty– chocolate chips, dried fruit or toasted nuts.

pasta frittata with veggies & ham

For every cup of leftover pasta, whisk in an egg or 2, and I mean any pasta (and any eggs) – whether it’s loaded with vegetables, spicy sausage, succulent seafood, smoked chicken, meatballs – and whether it’s sauced with tomatoes, cream, pesto, olive oil – it’s all fair game to morph into a frittata.


tabouli feature

Whole-grains make the best salads – they improve with time, could not be better for you and the possibilities are endless – and what joins & dresses the grains makes these salads something to get to know, and tabouli is the perfect place to start.