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apple pie with a tortilla crust

apple tortilla pie/feature

Tortillas are for so much more than the obvious – so this my attempt to get us all to look beyond the roll and the fold, as in burritos and quesadillas and start to think of tortillas as pre-rolled dough. It is dough-like by nature, so why not use it as such – kinda halfway to pastry.

tortilla bowls

tortilla bowls/ feature

Tortillas are good for so many things and at the top of the list is a bowl! Whether savoury or sweet, a tortilla can be turned into a lovely edible receptacle for virtually anything a standard bowl could contain. Happy bowling! I mean bowling.

wraps ~ pork, veggie, rice & cheddar

Embracing tortilla wraps will transform anything you want to bring together. And when it coomes to leftovers – a little bit of this and a little bit of that creates a whole new meal, thanks to the tortilla! Ever noticed how tortilla wraps are served alongside a variety of items intended to be rolled up inside.