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spicy buttermilk pan-fried chicken

spicy buttermilk pan-fried chicken

Spicy buttermilk pan-fried chicken is a true contender when it comes to standing up to the deep-fried variety. The buttermilk does the tenderizing, the spice brings the zing and the pan-frying brings it in without putting it on.

potato fries roasted in the oven

Potato fries roasted in the oven can be yours every day when you start with a hot oven – season any way you like for a custom plate of fries every time! Whip up a dip and you’ll be set for life in the french fry department. There’s not a meal I can think of that won’t be enhanced by a platter of potato fries roasted in the oven!

turkey legs in a smoky, spicy braise

turkey legs braised

Braising is the cooking technique to turn to for moist, succulent meat every single time. After a quick sear over highish heat followed by a slow simmer in your liquid of choice, simply cover and let the oven do all the work – all you do now is wait! All meats can benefit from this method, especially turkey legs!

popcorn in the microwave

popcorn feature-7

Popcorn the way nature intended – all you need is a supply of brown paper lunch bags, a boatload of popcornand a microwave to start feasting on the gorgeous whole grain that popcorn really is. Popcorn has never looked so good!