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cauliflower cream sauce

Imagine turning a head of cauliflower into a decadent, divine, buttery cream sauce that can be used anywhere you would use a decadent, divine, buttery cream sauce – vegetarian alfredo sauce anyone?

turkey legs in a smoky, spicy braise

turkey legs braised

Braising is the cooking technique to turn to for moist, succulent meat every single time. After a quick sear over highish heat followed by a slow simmer in your liquid of choice, simply cover and let the oven do all the work – all you do now is wait! All meats can benefit from this method, especially turkey legs!

white bean soup with garlic & oregano

white bean soup feature

This Italian staple of white bean soup needs to make it on your top 10 “base soup recipes” list. Master this classic Tuscan soup and then switch up with all kinds of variations.

creamy chickpea pasta sauce

chickpea pasta sauce/feature

Pasta sauce that starts with, or should I say ends with one of the healthiest beans puréed to resemble full-fat cream, is a pasta sauce I’m happy to embrace. Richness can come in many forms, remember cauliflower cream sauce! Come to think of it, you could us that in place of the chickpeas but for…