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beets, their greens with thyme, balsamic & walnuts

beet greens 27

Beets & their greens couldn’t pack a bigger health punch – so if you’re not embracing the greens, you’re missing the best part! With the help of a little herbs, acid, sweet and crunch – you’ll be wondering what rock you’ve been living under not to have been going for the whole beet, tops and all!

borscht-inspired beet dip

beet dip/feature 1

Beets are on the short-list of foods to be eating and what better way to get your fill than with this borscht-inspired dip.

beets roasted in foil

roasted beets

Roasting beets are a fantastic way to prepare this delicious vegetable – it brings out the sugars, the beet flavour and deeper flavour than by simply boiling. Try the roasting method – less mess and much more flavour.