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split pea soup with ham (or not)

split pea soup'/feature 2

Split pea soup is a classic, so simple to put together, is easy on the pocket book and couldn’t be a healthier dish to enjoy as is or load up with heartier fare to turn it into a complete meal!

balsamic reduction

balsamic reduction feature

Meet balsamic reduction, the drizzle juice from heaven, and by any other name – reduction, sauce, glaze, syrup – tastes as other-worldly. And just like many of my recipes, this too is a method – simmer the vinegar until the desired consistency is reached – the more it simmers the thicker it gets – which is pretty much the case with most things that hang over heat.

turkey legs in a smoky, spicy braise

turkey legs braised

Braising is the cooking technique to turn to for moist, succulent meat every single time. After a quick sear over highish heat followed by a slow simmer in your liquid of choice, simply cover and let the oven do all the work – all you do now is wait! All meats can benefit from this method, especially turkey legs!