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mushrooms 101


Mushrooms are the ones to envy, they’ve got it all goin’ on – they will never be banned from a party (unless of course, you simply don’t like them – I’m assuming you do). What’s not to like? Their history is deep, spanning 1000’s of years, with as many varieties and just as many ways…

pumpkin seeds 101

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds have made it on the short list of superfoods, and with a quick roast and spicy seasoning, they’ll taste like there’re not! Toss ’em everywhere – soups, salads, cereals, breads, muffins.

beans in a can

canned beans

If seasoned food writers can rethink canned beans, so can you! Check out the info under well-stocked kitchen for the dried bean approach, but right now I’m pushing the canned variety. Just know going in that the same ideas apply, once you have the cooked legume in hand. Whether out of a can or a…



Cilantro makes a statement – you love it or you don’t. And for those of us who do – it is often the finishing touch, our go to ingredient to jazz up many a dish in need of a little hit of fresh just before it hits the table or your tastebuds.

tortilla bowls

tortilla bowls/ feature

Tortillas are good for so many things and at the top of the list is a bowl! Whether savoury or sweet, a tortilla can be turned into a lovely edible receptacle for virtually anything a standard bowl could contain. Happy bowling! I mean bowling.


Bacon will transform a dish and it won’t take much. Start with bacon or stop with bacon – just get bacon in the game, the depth of flavor is unmistakable. A little bacon can finish all sorts of dishes – salads, pastas, rice, soups, sandwiches – just dice & fry and you’ve just discovered how to enjoy bacon without shortening your life.

popcorn in the microwave

popcorn feature-7

Popcorn the way nature intended – all you need is a supply of brown paper lunch bags, a boatload of popcornand a microwave to start feasting on the gorgeous whole grain that popcorn really is. Popcorn has never looked so good!

kale 101

kale chips 10

That stiff little lettuce thing on your plate when your entrée arrives? It’s kale! So take a crazed challenge – get kale into your diet, what am I saying – get kale into your body, and there are many, many, many ways to do this! Just believe me when I say, a whack of kale a day, will keep a heckuva lot of nasty stuff away – so when kale enters the kitchen, all should stop and salute!

fish in a tin

Fish in a tin? Really?! Really. Stay with me now – I promise, you won’t be dissappointed. If you’re already a fan than you know that canned fish is another absolute must-have in the pantry – if not for the convenience and ease on the bottom line, then for the over-the-top health benefits. There is…

flavour extracts 101


Very simply, flavour extracts are your instant goto ingredient to up the flavour factor in virtually any recipe!