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zucchini cornmeal bites

crispy zucchini rounds

Zucchini coated in cornmeal and quickly pan-fried to a golden crispness is a perfect way to prepare this popular summer vegetable. Eat as is, alongside grilled meats, chopped up in salad or stuffed in a pita – you will not be at a loss for ways to enjoy this crunchy preparation.

chocolate sauce

chocolate sauce

Chocolate sauce is a great thing to have on hand as it has so many uses – as a topping, stirred into hot milk, drizzled on cakes – and with this no-brainer of a recipe – you shall have chocolate sauce wherever you go! We’re talking chocolate and sugar – no butter, eggs or cream – now how easy is that?

kale chips

kale chips/feature

Kale chips is the the new chip we all should be eating. Not only does the salty crunch satisfy like the bagged variety, the health benefits are reason enough to get yourself some kale and make a batch of chips you can eat absolutely guilt-free!

popcorn in the microwave

popcorn feature-7

Popcorn the way nature intended – all you need is a supply of brown paper lunch bags, a boatload of popcornand a microwave to start feasting on the gorgeous whole grain that popcorn really is. Popcorn has never looked so good!

kale 101

kale chips 10

That stiff little lettuce thing on your plate when your entrée arrives? It’s kale! So take a crazed challenge – get kale into your diet, what am I saying – get kale into your body, and there are many, many, many ways to do this! Just believe me when I say, a whack of kale a day, will keep a heckuva lot of nasty stuff away – so when kale enters the kitchen, all should stop and salute!

fish in a tin

Fish in a tin? Really?! Really. Stay with me now – I promise, you won’t be dissappointed. If you’re already a fan than you know that canned fish is another absolute must-have in the pantry – if not for the convenience and ease on the bottom line, then for the over-the-top health benefits. There is…


popovers 15

Popovers, yorkshire pudding, dutch babies – whatever you call them – they’re easy and simple to master and are a welcome addition to any and all meals!

candy sushi

A more popular treat has yet to come around like candy sushi. Using common ingredients – the rice krispie square mixture, licorice or any chewy candy lined up ready to be tucked into a sticky roll-up, sliced and served to those that might find the seaweed slightly offensive!

chocolate cake balls

cake balls/coloured sprinkles

Meet cake balls – the crumbled cake with frosting mixed in rolled into sweet little balls ready for a dip in a tasty candy coating. Talk about giving cake and frosting a makeover!

crispy buttermilk oven-fried chicken

Buttermilk Oven-Fried Chicken

Crispy buttermilk oven-fried chicken is the answer to that fried craving without paying the price. It’s crispy, it’s tender and it gives new meaning to winner, winner, chicken dinner!