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broccoli pesto

broccoi pesto pesto/feature

Pesto is a method made famous by the classic combination of basil, garlic, parmesan, pine nuts & olive oil – by switching up the elements with brothers from another mother – many a vegetable & nut combo can be transformed into a pesto – meet broccoli pesto!

spinach salad asian-style

spinach salad feature

Get yourself a mound of fresh, gorgeously green leaves – to the Japanese, this is gomae, to the rest of us, this is the only way to consume spinach. I promise. Stick with this method, switch up the greens, switch up the sauce and start scarfing spinach like you’re trying to turn green!

shrimp, grapefruit, scallions & garlic

grapefruit shrimp feature 1

Grapefruit and seafood is such an obvious pairing considering the citrus quality, so why it’s not more common place, is a mystery. Think lemon and switch it up with grapefruit instead for something a little different – lemon and seafood is classic but with grapefruit, makes it clever!

green beans & peppers with crispy sage & garlic

green beans with peppers & crispy sage

Fresh, vibrant green beans are delicious, nutritious and quick to prepare – and the best part is they can take any seasonings you want to throw at them! They’re delicious hot or cold, fancied up or stripped down. The only green bean advice you’ll ever need is do not, do not, do not, overcook them! Amen

beets, their greens with thyme, balsamic & walnuts

beet greens 27

Beets & their greens couldn’t pack a bigger health punch – so if you’re not embracing the greens, you’re missing the best part! With the help of a little herbs, acid, sweet and crunch – you’ll be wondering what rock you’ve been living under not to have been going for the whole beet, tops and all!

celery, scallion & lemon salad

celery lemon salad

So it’s time to start stalking celery – and if you do it with just a lemon, olive oil, sliced scallions and salt & pepper – you’ll have mastered a classic – truly. This is one of the best combinations out there – there’s no recipe, just throw it together.



Cilantro makes a statement – you love it or you don’t. And for those of us who do – it is often the finishing touch, our go to ingredient to jazz up many a dish in need of a little hit of fresh just before it hits the table or your tastebuds.

kale chips

kale chips/feature

Kale chips is the the new chip we all should be eating. Not only does the salty crunch satisfy like the bagged variety, the health benefits are reason enough to get yourself some kale and make a batch of chips you can eat absolutely guilt-free!

kale 101

kale chips 10

That stiff little lettuce thing on your plate when your entrée arrives? It’s kale! So take a crazed challenge – get kale into your diet, what am I saying – get kale into your body, and there are many, many, many ways to do this! Just believe me when I say, a whack of kale a day, will keep a heckuva lot of nasty stuff away – so when kale enters the kitchen, all should stop and salute!

fish in a tin

Fish in a tin? Really?! Really. Stay with me now – I promise, you won’t be dissappointed. If you’re already a fan than you know that canned fish is another absolute must-have in the pantry – if not for the convenience and ease on the bottom line, then for the over-the-top health benefits. There is…