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chocolate, chocolate, chocolate


Chocolate is quite possibly the world’s most popular food – whether for sweet or savoury dishes, adding chocolate takes everything to a whole new level.

mincemeat apple crisp tarts

Mincemeat apple crisp tarts take the best from the tart world, the best from the apple crisp world and bring them together to create a tasty treat for any dessert table – holidays or not!

granola with dried fruit, nuts & seeds

granola bowl 1

Granola is a great staple to have on hand at all times and by making your own you’re assured a pure, healthy product to enjoy in 100’s of ways. How to make granola is as easy as turning on the oven and having the ability to stir!

cranberry sauce with orange, maple & cinnamon

cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce should be a staple in all kitchens all year round. When cranberries are available fresh, buy several bags and pop them in your freezer. You can have cranberry sauce any time you like. And FYI – cranberry goes with poultry all the time, not just at the holidays.

vanilla ice cream

ice cream

Making homemade ice cream is possible with or without any equipment – just cream, sugar, a container, ice and rock salt. Careful, when you find out how easty it is, you may be eating more ice cream than you ever thought possible!