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apple almond spice cake

Apples, almonds, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg folded into a simple cake batter – fall just doesn’t get any tastier!

ice cream cake with toasted nuts & caramel sauce

ice cream cake/feature 1

Ice cream cake is, without a doubt, the easiest answer to any celebratory cake I’ve ever run across – we’re talking 2 tubs of ice cream, softened and smushed into a cake pan over a cookie crumb crust, with a little something between ’em. That’s the basic recipe – feel free to embellish!

eat-more cookies

eat more feature

In a desperate attempt to fight the urge to post something green, and believe me it’s not easy – my bottle of green food colouring is calling my name. But today I’m calling all non-baking candy lovers who want to make cookies, but before I get to that – if someone were to ask you…

chocolate, chocolate, chocolate


Chocolate is quite possibly the world’s most popular food – whether for sweet or savoury dishes, adding chocolate takes everything to a whole new level.

chocolate sauce

chocolate sauce

Chocolate sauce is a great thing to have on hand as it has so many uses – as a topping, stirred into hot milk, drizzled on cakes – and with this no-brainer of a recipe – you shall have chocolate sauce wherever you go! We’re talking chocolate and sugar – no butter, eggs or cream – now how easy is that?

candy sushi

A more popular treat has yet to come around like candy sushi. Using common ingredients – the rice krispie square mixture, licorice or any chewy candy lined up ready to be tucked into a sticky roll-up, sliced and served to those that might find the seaweed slightly offensive!

chocolate cake balls

cake balls/coloured sprinkles

Meet cake balls – the crumbled cake with frosting mixed in rolled into sweet little balls ready for a dip in a tasty candy coating. Talk about giving cake and frosting a makeover!

mincemeat apple crisp tarts

Mincemeat apple crisp tarts take the best from the tart world, the best from the apple crisp world and bring them together to create a tasty treat for any dessert table – holidays or not!

double chocolate brownie crisps

double chocolate brownie crisps

Calling all chocolate lovers – if you want a blast of chocolate, then this take on brownies is something you will make over and over again. We’re talking the brownie mix, a little oil, a little water and an egg, all mixed together to make a thick paste. Spread it, bake it, score it, bake it some more, snap it, eat it. Now how easy is that? You don’t really expect me to answer that, do you?


Chocolate is a food group – how to chop it, melt it, bake with it, cook with it or eat it directly is one of life’s little pleasures. Get the know-how of all things chocolate and start enjoying beyond a cake or a brownie.