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banana bread laced with millet & granola

banana bread with granola & millet

Basic banana bread is a blank canvas for so many other ingredients; from nuts, to seeds, to dried fruit and quick-cooking grains. So make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to customize each loaf, upping both the nutrient factor and the flavour factor! Keep it basic and traditional or come up with unique signature combos to make it your own.

french toast with cinnamon

french toast with cinnamon

Get your morning eggs & toast all in one fell swoop – and when you whip a batch of this ridiculously simple dish, you’ll wonder why you ever thought breakfast came in a box!

focaccia with whole wheat, onions, garlic & rosemary

whole-wheat foccacia

Foccacia is one of the easiest breads to make at home, you can flavour as you wish, stuff it for sandwiches, toasted alongside soup or just enjoy as is – with a dish of olive oil and balsamic vinegar alongside – it’ll be gone before you’ve said pass the foccacia!

whole-grain bread in a machine

whole grain bread in a machine

With a bread machine you can be turning out loaf after loaf of wholesome, healthy homemade bread every single day. Not to mention dough by the truckload just waiting to be rolled, twisted and cajoled into whatever shape you like!

whole-grain sub rolls with rosemary

hoagies feature

Fresh rolls are the beginning of meal – you can pile anything into a roll – from lighter fare like dressed salad greens to a heartier chili, saucy meatballs or grilled chicken, meat or fish. and it’s the additions (coleslaw, pickles, cheeses, capers, sauces) that make the difference between ho-hum to holy-moly!

spicy pita chips

Spicy pita chips are so easy to make – all you need is a pack of pita bread, a little olive oil, salt and seasonings and you can enjoy these crispy chips with all your favourite dips. Simply keep an extra pack of pita bread in your freezer and you can make chips whenever the craving strikes!

banana bread in a blender

How to make a basic banana bread is easy, with the simplest of ingredients and it all starts with overripe bananas. Each loaf can be flavoured up differently with all kinds of additions: chocolate chips, toasted nuts and or/seeds, dried fruit, raisins, grated carrots, coconut, spices, cocoa powder, citrus zest or flavour extracts.

tortilla bowls

tortilla bowls/ feature

Tortillas are good for so many things and at the top of the list is a bowl! Whether savoury or sweet, a tortilla can be turned into a lovely edible receptacle for virtually anything a standard bowl could contain. Happy bowling! I mean bowling.

cinnamon buns

cinnamon buns

Making cinnamon buns at home is easy, and with a simple recipe, you are assured perfect buns every time! Ice them or not and wow your family with these sensational cinnamon buns you made from scratch!