Welcome to Diary of a Crazed Cook!

When you have what you need, life in your kitchen will be a heckuva lot more enjoyable! I seek daily inspiration from all things edible, so depending on the day – welcome to my sanctuary or my rubber room, otherwise known as my kitchen!

I approach the kitchen like a fearless warrior, afraid of nothing. I will tackle anything. And by fearless I mean, no recipe or method will take me down. It may take a few tries but I’m determined to be the last one standing!

Follow my culinary escapades as I cook for my family everyday which has given birth to this virtual “cookbook” of sorts. I have indexed the recipes, detailed the contents of my pantry and dig around your kitchen to make life in your kitchen a pleasure.

I have put together an ever-evolving playbook of  techniques that are designed to help you (and me) and should be used as a reference, as well as a healthy arsenal of items that will set you up for success – from the cupboard, fridge and freezer to all the gear you’ll need. A list of resources from cooking & food prep skills  to cooking methods and getting your general culinary act together including the option to have posts emailed right to your inbox.

I want to free you from being held hostage in your own kitchen – from being taken down by a recipe. Whatever a “recipe” calls for (and I’m not talking about baking) there are always endless alternatives. Use a recipe as a guide, a template, a springboard – compare a few ideas for the same dish, take what you like, leave what you don’t, add what you want to make it your own. “What’s for dinner?” is a question that never stumps me. The next food offering, whether large, medium or small, is never more than a chop, flip and dump (as in, dump it in) away … food is my passion and, thank God it is. I refuse to relinquish control of my food consumption to my local pizza joint or the frozen food or deli section at the grocery store, forfeiting my health in the process.

So, I’m here to share how I get home-cooked food on my table, several times a day, everyday. First I must confess – I love to read, talk, watch, prepare, shop for and think about food. I’m a health nut of sorts, not in the fanatical sense, but in the sense that I want most foods I buy, prepare and serve to have as much nutritional value as possible. So there you have it, this is my quest … it must be healthy, it must taste glorious and it must be easy to prepare. My goal is take the mystery out of cooking because there is nothing mysterious about it. It’s a little science, a little creativity, a little confidence and a healthy dose of common sense.

Unleash your inner Julia or Jacques…they are hungry to get out! And if you want to see them together, it’s absolutely priceless as they constantly disagree! And they’ve done it more than once! Now you can see how us folks crazy for cooking can actually lose our minds!

And on the lighter side, I am also a lover of entertainment – pop culture, books, movies, music and if it amuses me, as in makes me laugh, all the better. There is hilarity all around, I see it on a daily basis – throw in the funny factor and well, that completes me! Consequently, like finely grated parmesan on steaming hot pasta, this site also serves up a generous helping of links to get you giggling, chortling, chuckling and in some instances, outright howling! So the secret is out –  add a little levity and you’ll see that the missing ingredient wasn’t actually missing at all. So get cooking, get giggling but above all get going. Off you go now –  eat, drink and be merry!


Crazed Cook