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Whole-grains make the best salads – they improve with time, could not be better for you and the possibilities are endless – and what joins & dresses the grains makes these salads something to get to know, and tabbouleh is a great place to start. The only things that absolutely have to be in it for it to be a classic tabbouleh, besides the bulgur, is tomatoes, parsley, scallions, mint, lemon & olive oil – for added crunch and interest many recipes include diced cucumbers, green or red peppers, celery, even fennel. I often springboard from this classic and switch up the grains from brown rice to quinoa to couscous.

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And feel free to take your tabbouleh for a joyride – add finely chopped/shredded additions like: kalamata olives, nuts, beans, roasted red peppers, red chilis or jalapeño peppers, sundried tomatoes, red onion, roasted garlic, feta or goat cheese, shredded cabbage or lettuce – not to mention a protein like grilled chicken, lamb, shrimp or scallops.

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1. Get bulgur in a bowl.

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2. Get stock or boiling water ready to pour on the bulgur – this is vegetable broth so I’m using a pot on the stove. Boiling water straight from the kettle works just the same minus the flavour.

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3. Once boiled, pour the stock over the bulgur and allow to sit for a few minutes until the bulgur absorbs all the liquid.

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4. Just like this.

tabouli 8

5. Fluff the bulgur before proceeding.

tabouli 5

6. Zest the lemon directly into a large bowl.

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7. Add the lemon juice.

tabouli 7

8. Add the olive oil and whisk to combine.

tabouli 9

9. Get your veg together.

tabouli 10

10. Dice into similar-sized pieces.

tabouli 11

11. Add the diced vegetables to the bowl of bulgur.

tabouli 12

12. Rinse a whack of flat-leaf parsley.

tabouli 13

13. Simply chop through the bunch.

tabouli 14

14. And add the parsley to the bowl.

tabouli 15

15. Admire your fresh mint – if you don’t have any, carry on, though it is part of a classic tabbouleh. We can have fresh mint on hand very easily – grow a patch– pick a corner of your garden, buy yourself a mint plant, start it in a container that you can bury or it’ll take off like wildfire – the real weed of all herbs!

tabouli 16

16. And give your mint a rough chop.

tabouli 16

17. Add it to the rest of the ingredients and give it a good stir and a good pinch of salt and pepper, taste and adjust – more lemon, more  salt, more olive oil?

tabouli 17

18. When your tastebuds give their approval, pile it into a big bowl for serving.

tabouli feature

19. Garnish with a few mint leaves and don’t forget the lemon wedges – a final spritz is not to be missed.

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