roasted red pepper purée

red pepper puree 28

Load up on all those seasonal red peppers and whip up a batch of purée – think of this like a rich man’s ketchup, minus the price tag. It could not be easier to make and can be used in more ways than a lonely billionaire or a desperate housewife. So check out the many apps below, minus the billionaire, of course. And for those of us who lose our minds occasionally, how about roasted red pepper pasta dough – make the purée and you’ll see what I mean – it’ll show up anywhere and everywhere and often – kinda like a certain someone’s rear end – I mean alright alright alright already!

red pepper puree 8

Make this and roasted red pepper purée will soar to the top of your list of must-have, never-be-caught-without pantry items – and yes, roasting the peppers is the secret, there’s no way around it – like taxes and getting some exercise – you can go there, or should I say, you can try to not go there, but you’ll be saaawwwwrryyyyy! You’ll be slathering this stuff on everything!

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red pepper puree 1

1. Prep the peppers.

red pepper puree 3

2. Cut out the pith, there’s no flavour to it and it’s mostly water.

red pepper puree 5

3. As you can see, you cut off each end and cut the body to lay it flat.

red pepper puree 6

4. Just like that.

red pepper puree 8

5. And this is what you’re looking for.

red pepper puree 11

6. Fold the foil over and crimp it closed on all sides.

red pepper puree 9

7. So it looks like this.

red pepper puree 12

8. After they cool, this is what you’ll find inside – gorgeous roasted red peppers ready for peeling.

red pepper puree 10

9. The skin easily lifts off to leave you with beautiful red pepper flesh ready for anything – and in this case – the food processor.

red pepper puree 14

10. Keep peeling off the skins until you have a pile of skins and a pile of peppers.

red pepper puree 16

11. And here’s the pile of peppers ready to be puréed – sounds like Peter Piper picked a peck of peppers to be puréed …

red pepper puree 19

12. Put them in the food processor, juice and all.

red pepper puree 21

13. Start puréeing.

red pepper puree 22

14. Get your olive oil and salt ready.

red pepper puree 23

15. Add the salt and add the olive oil while the machine is running for an extra creamy purée. The oil emulsifies as it whizzes.

red pepper puree 25

16. See?

red pepper puree 26

17. Pour into a jar and get busy with your roasted red pepper purée.

red pepper puree 27

18. We all need a bird’s eye view – look at that olive oil glisten!

red pepper puree 29

19. Put on the lid and store it in the fridge – if it makes is that far. So next time, make more!

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