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Trade in a buttery, calorie-packed pie crust for a lean, mean quinoa crust and you’ll be whipping up quiche much more often. Loaded with twice the protein (and none of the gluten) of many of it’s grainy-like cousins, quinoa (keen-wah) is finding its way back from 3000 BC onto the tables of the 21st century – you gotta love a grain-like seed that can make a 5000-year comeback! Aside from the obvious, quinoa can stand-in like a pro – and that’s some serious competition when it comes to standing-in for the real thing!

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I could go on and on about the reigning sire of super-seeds-ville (but I won’t) – so if you haven’t heard, you can’t eat a more powerful food in the nutrient department, armed with quinoa know-how and with a myriad of ways to stir it in – whatever are you waiting for?

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quinoa rinsed

1. Rinse your quinoa, a step not to be overlooked before you cook it.

quinoa-crusted quiche 1

2. Set your cooked quinoa aside to cool.

quinoa-crusted quiche 2

3. In the meantime, load a few veggies for the quiche part into your food processor – your choice. I’m using mushrooms, zucchini & onion.

quinoa-crusted quiche 3

4. Blast into oblivion.

quinoa-crusted quiche 4

5. Pile the blasted veggies into a hot, olive-oiled-swirled pan.

quinoa-crusted quiche 5

6. Cook until most of the moisture has evaporated and it’s slightly caramelized – get those sugars from Mother Nature working for you!

quinoa-crusted quiche 6

7. Prep your pie pan – I’m using one large one but feel free to use 2 smaller pie plates, or even a muffin tin would work – I just think of this stuff as I go along. That would be a great idea to make individual muffin-sized quiches – great for on the go or freeze ’em for later!

quinoa-crusted quiche 7

8. Here are the members of the crust committee – cooked, cooled quinoa & eggs are essential – scallions & cheese are optional.

quinoa-crusted quiche 8

9. Pile ’em in a bowl and mix well.

quinoa-crusted quiche 9

10. Pile it in your pan(s), whether one big one, a couple of smaller ones or cute little muffin tins.

quinoa-crusted quiche 10

11. Spread it out as evenly as possible. Using a spatula and the bottom of a glass helps to get the job done. I could have used 2 pans as my crust is slightly on the thick side. Next time, I’ll make 2, but I’m getting very excited about the muffin tin idea! Put this in the oven for 10-15 minutes to firm up before adding the quiche mixture.

quinoa-crusted quiche 11

12. Get your eggs in a bowl.

quinoa-crusted quiche 12

13. Prep the rest of the quiche ingredients, and aside from the milk/cream/cheese – add any combination of finely diced vegetables and/or protein – I’ve got red pepper, scallions and the sautéed veggie mixture (that’s what’s in the cup measure – I was wondering myself – what the heck is in the cup measure? I don’t remember measuring any dog food today!)

quinoa-crusted quiche 13

14. And chopped up leftover turkey – but it can be chopped up leftover anything: chicken, pork, beef, seafood, fish, tofu, even canned tuna … or not.

quinoa-crusted quiche 14

15. Take your quinoa crust out of the oven and allow it to cool slightly.

quinoa-crusted quiche 15

16. While you marry all your quiche fixins’ – I love a great marriage!

quinoa-crusted quiche 16

17. Pour the egg mixture into the crust.

quinoa-crusted quiche 17

18. Sprinkle a little grated cheese on top and if you forgot to mix a bit into the egg mixture itself …

quinoa-crusted quiche 18

19. Use a fork to work it in.

quinoa-crusted quiche 19

20. Add a bit more cheese to the top.

quinoa-crusted quiche 20

21. Ok, a lot – and spread the cheese around to cover completely and bake for 45-60 minutes until the quiche slightly jiggles in the centre. It will continue to cook after you remove it from the oven.

quinoa-crusted quiche 21

22. Say hello to your quinoa-crusted quiche – let it rest for a few minutes before slicing.

quinoa-crusted quiche 22

23. A few minutes later, it slices like butta!

quinoa-crusted quiche feature

24. Top with whatever you like – a few flakes of parsley or …

quinoa-crusted quiche 23

25. A few gratings of parmesan or … nothing at all.

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