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I feel a song comin’ on – ” … when the moon hits your eye like a big pasta pie, that’s amoré …”  – another gorgeous, glaring example of perfection right under our collective noses! Again, this is a METHOD and the recipe is up to you! For every cup of leftover pasta, and I mean any pasta – whether it’s loaded with vegetables, spicy sausage, succulent seafood, smoked chicken, meatballs – and whether it’s sauced with tomatoes, cream, pesto, olive oil – it’s all fair game to morph into a frittata.
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You can start with a few diced odds and ends (a brilliant use for leftover bits) to a hot pan – or not, pile in the pasta, shred a little cheese – sharp for flavour, not so sharp for texture, whisk the eggs and pour over to evenly coat. Start it on the stove, finish it in the oven and you’re done. So on that note – your world will now shine like you’ve had too much wine, thanks to a pile of leftover pasta, whisked up eggs and if you’re in the mood  – whatever you have hangin’ around in your pantry, fridge or freezer – now that’s amoré!
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1. Start with your leftover pasta.
pasta frittata 2
2. Chop up any additions if you’re going there – here I’ve got ham, parsley, scallions & red pepper.
pasta frittata 3
3. Whisk an egg for every cup of leftover pasta.
pasta frittata 4
4. Stir any additions into the pasta.
pasta frittata 5
5. Whisk and season the eggs.
pasta frittata 6
6. Pile the pasta into a hot pan swirled with olive oil. You could sauté any additions and then add them to the pasta or stir them directly in as I did.
pasta frittata 7
7. Pour the whisked eggs as evenly as possible over the pasta.
pasta frittata 8
8. Tilt the pan to get the egg into all the cracks and crannies – if you find you need more egg, simply whisk another egg or 2 and get it in the pan.
pasta frittata 9
9. This egg will set turning your pasta into a frittata.
pasta frittata 10
10. I find if you pop on a lid (I used my pizza pan) it helps hold in the heat to set the bottom faster. You know it’s ready for the oven when you peak under the edge and it’s firm.
pasta frittata 11
11. While you’re waiting for the egg to set up, grate a little cheese.
pasta frittata 12
12. Or a lot.
pasta frittata 13
13. Sprinkle it on the top before putting it in the oven to finish cooking – another 10 minutes or so.
pasta frittata 14
14. Just jiggle the pan – if everything stays where it is, it’s done.
pasta frittata 15
15. Run a knife around the edge to loosen before cutting the frittata just like you would a pizza.
pasta frittata 16
16. And the pieces will lift out easy peasy.
pasta frittata 17
17. Let’s have a look – the egg is perfectly cooked, holding the past together like church!
pasta frittata 18
18. Serve it as is …
pasta frittata 19
19. Or with additional cheese …
pasta frittata 20
20. Or snip a few fresh herbs over top – basil is yummy.
pasta frittata 21
21. This’ll disappear so fast you’ll wonder why pasta frittatas haven’t darkened your door before.
2 Responses to pasta frittata with veggies & ham
  1. Josh
    March 19, 2013 | 2:20 pm

    With frittatas being a common Saturday morning mainstay at our house – I’ve now got a use for Friday night’s leftover pasta! Thanks for the great idea 🙂

    • crazed cook
      March 25, 2013 | 5:05 pm

      Also try it with any stir-fries (rice or noodles), roasted vegetables or a combination of whatever odds and ends you have – eggs are such a clever ingredient, glad you have a new way to serve leftovers!

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