biscotti with chocolate & hazelnuts

When you discover the brilliance of biscotti – the Duke & Duchess of Dunking & Dipping – you will be the brilliant one because you now know a few things about this Italian classic you didn’t know before. 1. They’re like rolling off a log to make – literally, you’ll see! 2. They should be on the short list of figure-friendly treats – how about as many calories as a few of these snack options? 3. They have a shelf life on par with cold storage in the 1800’s – we’re talking months. 4. Not to mention their long and illustrious dunking & dipping history – in coffee, tea, hot chocolate or wine – yes, wine! Enjoy them at breakfast, lunch, dinner –  before, during and after – and of course, as is.

biscotti chocolate hazelnut feature

They can be flavoured up in dozens of ways, so make up a batch, add what you like, bake, slice and bake again and you’ve got yourself a satisfying crunchy snack for weeks to come or your holiday gift-giving all wrapped up in one fell swoop, you know, with that never-ending shelf-life and all. How about biscotti loaded up with crushed candy canes, just in time for Christmas? So that’s the book on the brilliance of biscotti. Oh, and FYI – it’s 1 biscotto and 2 biscotti – kinda like 1 octopus and 2 octopi, 1 cactus, 2 cacti, 1 half, 2 halves … and speaking of halves, have at it!  Ok, I’m done.

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biscotti with chocolate & hazelnuts 1

1. Mix the eggs and sugar until well combined.

biscotti with chocolate & hazelnuts 2

2. Measure the dry ingredients onto a piece of waxed paper for easy dispensing.

biscotti with chocolate & hazelnuts 3

3. Make a funnel with the waxed paper and empty half of the contents into a sieve over the egg mixture.

biscotti with chocolate & hazelnuts 4

4. Do it again until you’ve sifted all the dry ingredients into the wet.

biscotti chocolate hazelnut - 05

5. And start mixing.

biscotti chocolate hazelnut - 06

6. Until it’s well combined – you will have a loose dough.

biscotti chocolate hazelnut - 07

7. Get your skinned and roasted hazelnuts ready.

biscotti chocolate hazelnut - 08

8. Spread half of the dough onto a piece of parchment and shape into a 10″x15″ rectangle – and did I mention parchment is reusable?!

chocolate hazelnut biscotti/nuts

9. Cover the dough with the hazelnuts.

biscotti chocolate hazelnut - 09

10. Work the other half of the dough over the hazelnuts to bury them.

biscotti chocolate hazelnut - 10

11. Bye, bye hazlenuts.

biscotti chocolate hazelnut - 11

12. Using a pastry cutter or knife, reinforce your 10″x15″ rectangle.

biscotti chocolate hazelnut - 12

13. Like this – and did I mention parchment paper is reusable? Bake 15-20 minutes until firm.

biscotti chocolate hazelnut - 13

14. Let rest and then slice into thin strips, and if your dough spread uncontrollably – cut them in half lengthways down the rectangle.

biscotti chocolate hazelnut - 18

15. Lay the pieces cut side down and bake again for another 20 minutes or so until they are dry and crispy.

biscotti chocolate hazelnut - 17

16. Keep going until you’ve sliced and baked your way to biscotti bliss.

biscotti chocolate hazelnut - 16

17. Right there – blissful biscotti.

biscotti chocolate hazelnut - 20

18. Beautiful.

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