salmon grilled with dijon, honey & soy

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Anyone, and I do mean anyone – can cook a slab of salmon to perfection! Aside from this quick marinade, as in 10-15 minutes quick, that seals the deal –  if you do nothing else, heed the following advice! Regardless of what you do to prep your salmon, you must, must, must resist the urge to touch, turn or tinker with your fish – you have one chance, and one chance only to end up with perfectly cooked, intact salmon!

salmon grilled feature

In other words – keep your mitts off the fish! I can’t stress this enough – it’s the constant touching, turning & tinkering that sends fantastic to floundering (pun intended) faster than speeding bullets, light, sound and any other speed cliché you can think of. What you gotta have is faith – and if you do you will be rewarded with the most flavourful, succulent, slab of salmon ever to pass your lips. Talk about salmon enchanted evening – sorry, I couldn’t resist – and apparently, I’m not the only one!

Choose any cooking method you prefer – in a pan, in parchment or foil, in the oven or right on the grill – whichever method you choose, make sure it’s screamin’ hot, coupled with a tasty marinade, add a cook with self-control and you’ve got yourself a winner, winner, salmon dinner!

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1. Get yourself a fresh gorgeous hunk of salmon – this can be steaks, fillets, on or off the skin.

salmon grilled/marinade

2. Get the marinade ingredients ready to go – dijon, soy sauce & olive oil.

salmon grilled/garlic

3. Blue agave (could be honey or maple syrup) & garlic go in next.

salmon/ grilled 2

4. Mix the marinade all around and add the salmon.

salmon/ grilled 3

5. I’ve put a couple of pieces on foil so you can see how you can grill right in the foil as well, if you’d rather.

salmon/ grilled 4

6. Spoon on the marinade before sealing up the package.

salmon/ grilled 5

7. And this package can now be placed right on the grill – no flipping required.

salmon/ grilled 6

8. After a quick soak in the marinade – place the salmon on the grill – and just leave it there – do not touch!

salmon/ grilled 7

9. After 3,4,5 minutes depending on the thickness, get your metal spatula right under the fish, keeping contact with the grill grate, loosen the fish and carefully turn it over. I use 2 spatulas, and leave it alone!

salmon/ grilled 8

10. This has been turned once – leave it for another couple of minutes and then turn off your grill (if gas) or remove the grate entirely if you’re using a charcoal grill.

salmon/ grilled 11

11. Remove it carefully to a board and get ready for one of the tastiest things that can come off your grill! Enjoy as is or check out a few destinations for your grilled salmon below.

salmon/ grilled/foil 1

12. Similarly, what’s in the foil is just as moist & flavourful, minus the grill marks!

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