corn on the cob with garlic & lime

corn roasted feature

When fresh corn is overflowing on farm tables from coast to coast, and you want that just-barbecued bang, but you got no grill – look no further than your stove-top! When you put those built-in sugars to work, delectable is right around the corner! It starts with a steam and ends with a sear, and where you go from there, is completely up to you. So whether corn season was here, is here, or is gonna be here –  a sizzling hot pan is where it all happens!

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And when it comes to dressing your cobs, anything goes, and of course, I can’t resist weighing in –  spicy buttercitrus butterherb butter or spicy citrus herb butter – or get on the flavoured oils bandwagon, grab a brush, and start slathering! Sooooo – if you can possibly settle on one cob topping, don’t – whip up a buffet of butters & have yourself a feast!

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corn roasted 1

1. Shuck as many cobs as you like.

corn roasted 2

2. Heat up a pan large enough to hold your cobs and cover the bottom with water.

corn roasted 3

3. Put the cobs in and cover the pan.

corn roasted 4

4. In the meantime, get a few flavours together.

corn roasted 5

5. Whisk ’em up in a bowl and set aside.

corn roasted 6

6. While your cobs steam to perfection.

corn roasted 7

7. Your cobs are now ready to be sauced and seared.

corn roasted 8

8. Douse with the citrus mixture and roll ’em around to coat thoroughly.

corn roasted 9

9. Just like this, and turn up the heat to medium-high.

corn roasted 10

10. And watch the magic to happen.

corn roasted 12

11. Magic happening.

corn roasted feature 1

12. Load ’em up on a platter, and serve with wedges of lime.

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