baked beans with mesquite

To master a pot of baked beans – with or without the pork – is to master capture-a-cowboy – with or without the chuck wagon! There’s just something to be said for the appeal of a cowboy – especially a naughty one – sigh! I’m back – right, the beans – the main ingredient is time – and maybe that’s why I haven’t captured one yet! Along with the beans, a little bacon (if you’re going there), a little savoury and a little sweet – you’ll be savin’ a cow and ridin’ some beans! But by all means serve these up alongside a mess of grilled burgers, brisket, sliders & slaw – nothing like beans slopped on a bun with a burger, brisket and slaw to finish it (including you) off!

baked beans/finished dish

And remember – just ’cause you put your boots in the oven, that don’t make ’em biscuits! So cowboy up or go sit in the truck – let’s make ourselves a pot ‘o beans, ’cause no matter what you’ve heard –  a cowgirls work is never done – but it’s close, if you rustle up a pot of baked beans! So get ready – you’ll be all over this like a chicken on a June bug! I believe I just channeled Dolly Parton and I’m doin’ it waaaay past 5! Now don’t make me get out my cattle prod – go bake some beans!

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baked beans/dry beans soak

1. Measure your beans and get them soaking – or crack the cans if that’s what you’re using.

baked beans/dry beans drained

2. Simply put them in a pot.

baked beans/dry beans in slow cooker

3. Cover with water by at least 2 inches, cover and soak several hours or overnight.

baked beans/dry beans in slow cooker with h2o

4. And because I’m doing a quick-soak in my pressure cooker I add a few drops of oil – it keeps down the foaming.

baked beans drained beans

5. After the soak, put them in a colander to drain.

baked beans/ingredients

6. Gather the rest of the ingredients.

baked beans/chop onions

7. Get busy with the onions.

baked beans/chopped onions

8. See how busy we got with the onions!

baked beans/chopped onions/beans in cooker

9. Add them to the pot of beans.

baked beans/diced tomatoes

10. Crack a can of diced tomatoes.

baked beans/add diced tomatoes

11. Tomatoes go in the pot.

baked beans/chop bacon

12. Chop up the bacon.

baked beans/chop bacon in frypan

13. Throw it in a hot pan – this way less fat ends up in the pot.

baked beans/chop bacon frying

14. And fry until crispy.

baked beans/reserved bacon

15. Drain and set aside. This can either go in or on the beans to bake – you’ll see.

baked beans/ingredients 1

16. Back to the stuff for the sauce.

baked beans/tomaro paste

17. Start putting the ingredients in a bowl – tomato paste goes in.

baked beans/brown sugar & garlic

18. Brown sugar & garlic go in.

baked beans/tomato paste/brown sugar/garlic

19. Just like that.

baked beans/vinegar

20. Measure the vinegar.

baked beans/add vinegar

21. It goes in next.

baked beans/molasses

22. Grab the dreamy molasses.

baked beans/ketchup

23. And good ‘ole ketchup.

baked beans/mix sauce

24. Molasses and ketchup join the party.

baked beans/add instant coffee

25. And that is – wait for it – instant coffee – brings the cowboy home!

baked beans/apple juice

26. We need some liquid to thin the sauce a little – so why not apple juice.

baked beans/add appple juice

27. That’s right – in it goes and give it a good stir.

baked beans/finish with dijon

28. A couple of shots of dijon add a little zip.

baked beans/finish with dijon & bacon

29. Add the cooked bacon – or reserve it for the top at the end.

baked beans/liquid smoke

30. I add a couple of glugs of liquid smoke – this really brings the cowboy home!

baked beans/cook for 4.5 hours

31. Leave it to fester for several hours – either in a slow cooker or a dutch oven.

baked beans/finished dish 3

32. And you got yerself some mean baked beans.

baked beans/finished dish

33. And I mean, really mean, buck-it-off-the bronco baked beans! I’m done.

The End

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