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It’s time to talk tomatoes – load up the truck with confidence at your local farm stand or grocery with this no-brainer of a tomato sauce recipe – talk about idiot proof!  With the seemingly endless varieties of tomatoes to choose from these days, you should have no problem amassing an amazing array to first admire, then annihilate. The method? Rinse, core, chop and pulse your prey into oblivion, and the amount is totally up to you – so here we go …

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tomato sauce 1

1. First admire – these babies are tigerellas.

tomato sauce 12

2. And these are black crimson – gorgeous! Gotta hand it to Mother Nature!

tomato sauce 3

3. Now time to get busy – start with a rinse.

tomato sauce 4

4. And simply halve, quarter and halve the quarters, which would be eighths.

tomato sauce 5

5. Pile the eighths into a food processor.

tomato sauce 6

6. And well, process …

tomato sauce 7

7. Get your bags sorted. I use medium or quart-sized bags which will hold maybe 3+ cups, which leaves room for expansion.

tomato sauce 8

8. It helps immensely to place your bags in a container for support.

tomato sauce 9

9. Be sure to leave a couple of inches at the top for the sauce to expand after freezing.

tomato sauce 10

10. Seal and repeat.

tomato sauce 11

11. Lay the bags flat on a baking tray and place in the freezer. After they’re frozen you can stack ’em like books, or stack ’em like pancakes.

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