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Why do I love “pesto” – let me count the ways! At the top of the list, is that it is in fact a method, as opposed to a specific recipe – and what a versatile method it is! Takes hide-the-veggies to a whole new place, and in the process (no pun intended), adds a whole whack of goodness to all sorts of things without even trying! Green vegetables beware – most of you can be pulverized into submission and reappear as a delectable pesto, headed for dozens of dishes – pasta, rice, potatoes, meats, chicken, fish, salads, dips & dressings – a more glorious way to eat your greens has yet to darken my door.

broccoli pesto in processor

Yes, it did get its start in northern Italy made from the classic combo of garlic, basil, pine nuts, olive oil & parmesan, but with a little imagination, which I tend to turn to from time to time – other greens can stand in for basil, other nuts can mimic pine and the cheese, well, the cheese can stand alone, in fact, the cheese doesn’t even have to show up! The word pesto actually refers to the original prep method – in a mortar, with a pestle. Talk about labour intensive, so thank God for the food processor – I’m sweatin’ just thinking about pestling greens into a paste.

broccoli pesto/processing 1So, go get yourself some greens, and in this case, broccoli – round up the supporting cast, and with a flick of a switch, you’ll have what it took ancient Romans a fair amount of elbow grease to produce – we’re talking a serious upper body workout – imagine pounding pesto for a party circa 1500  – that begins to explain those ripped Romans! Sigh … I’m back. Without further ado – I give you broccoli pesto!

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broccoli pesto/brocooli whole

1. Rinse and clean up 2-3 stalks of broccoli.

broccoli pesto/brocooli chopped

2. Chop them into small pieces, roughly the same size.

broccoli pesto/brocooli in pot

3. Cook it until it is quite tender – beyond fork-crisp.

broccoli pesto/parsley/garlic/lemon

4. Meanwhile, get your parsely, garlic and lemon prepped.

broccoli pesto/olive oil & lemon

5. Juice half the lemon.

broccoli pesto/parsley/garlic/chop

6. Roughly chop the parsley and garlc.

broccoli pesto/parsley/garlic/bowl

7. Put them in the food processor.

broccoli pesto/fennel/salt

8. Salt & fennel seeds are next.

broccoli pesto/salt in bolw

9. In with the parsley and garlic.

broccoli pesto/almonds whole

10. Measure 1/2 cup of nuts – almonds, walnuts or even pine nuts, if you’re feeling extravagant!

broccoli pesto/almonds toasting

11. Toss them in a dry pan to toast.

broccoli pesto/almonds toasted

12. See? Nice and toasty – tasty!

broccoli pesto/ice bath

13. Get a bowl large enough to hold your colander and fill it with ice and water.

broccoli pesto/brocooli on ice

14. Drain the broccoli in a colander and lower it into the bowl of ice water – the broccoli should be fully submerged. The idea is to cool it off ASAP.

broccoli pesto in processor

15. Add the cooled broccoli and almonds to the processor – now you’re ready to fly!

broccoli pesto/processing 1

16. Whizz for a few seconds and stop to scrape down the sides before whizzing some more.

broccoli pesto/olive oil

17. With the machine running, slowly drizzle in the olive oil.

broccoli pesto/processing 2

18. Come together – right now – over me!


19. Finish with the lemon juice and give it another whizz.

broccoi pesto pesto/done

20. Taste and re-season if you feel it needs it.

broccoi pesto pesto/in bowl

21. Get it in a bowl.

broccoi pesto pesto/feature

22. And you’re ready for your close-up – broccoli pesto – armed and delicious!

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