cornmeal cakes with bacon, scallions & corn

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When used sparingly (for those who care) bacon can make an appearance more often than not. It doesn’t take much to bring any dish from good to good-God! Some flavours are just made to be together, some surprising, others, not so much –

And when it comes to bacon, (besides eggs) it’s blessed with more bedfellows than you can count – kinda like Steven Tyler in the 70’s – when you got it, you got it!  So on that note – meet cornbread cakes laced with scallions & corn – and remember, when in doubt – add bacon. I wonder if Steven Tyler’s a fan … hmmm …

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cornbread cakes 1

1. Get some bacon cookin’ in a pan or the oven.

cornbread cakes 2

2. Drain said bacon.

cornbread cakes 3

3. Move it to a board – don’t you just love starin’ at bacon!

cornbread cakes 4

4. Run a knife through the bacon a couple of times and yes, set it aside. If your house is like my house, setting aside won’t cut it, I have to put it under lock and key! We do what we have to do to save the bacon!

cornbread cakes 5

5. At this point, get your frozen corn in a bowl and safe to say you can set this aside.

cornbread cakes 6

6. The milk & eggs go in a bowl & give it a good whisk.

cornbread cakes 7

7. Dry stuff goes down.

cornbread cakes 8

8. Give it a good once over.

cornbread cakes 10

9. Get a few scallions chopped and in a bowl with the corn.

cornbread cakes 11

10. Add the wet to the dry.

cornbread cakes 12

11. And stir it all around.

cornbread cakes 13

12. Add the corn & scallions.

cornbread cakes 14

13. Stir to combine.

cornbread cakes 15

14. Bacon down.

cornbread cakes 16

15. Gently fold and you’re ready to roll – I mean fry.

cornbread cakes 17

16. In a preheated, lightly oiled or buttered skillet, start spooning in the batter.

cornbread cakes 18

17. When the edges begin to brown and/or when bubbles appear, flip once.

cornbread cakes 19

18. Move to a rack and keep going …

cornbread cakes 20

19. Back to the pan to make more cakes.

cornbread cakes 21

20. Flip.

cornbread cakes 22

21. Move to a rack and repeat until you’re out of batter!

cornbread cakes 23

22. Keep loading up your rack.

cornbread cakes 24

23. Stack ’em.

cornbread cakes 25

24. Or pile ’em – and there you got yourself a yummy buncha’ cornbread cakes. Serve with a dollop of sour cream, serve a fried egg on top, use in place of bread and enjoy sandwich-style or make this the filling –  with whatever you like – how ’bout a couple of strips of bacon?! For loads of ideas – keep reading!

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