indian-inspired dip with legumes & spinach

split pea & lentil dip 15

I just love it when dip becomes dinner, and that’s exactly what happens when you start with protein-packed split-peas & lentils, throw in nutrient-packed spinach, and lace it with garlic, lemon, cumin & turmeric. I adore legumes – especailly split-peas & lentils, and want to enjoy them in as many ways as possible – soups and salads have their time and place, so why not pulverize the works in a fully-loaded dip?

split pea & lentil dip 5

Alongside a pile of torn up pita bread or naan, a platter of crudités or even whole-grain tortilla chips – dinner is more than halfway there! This is especially perfect for barbecue season as anything from the grill like a platter of  fall-off-the-bone ribs, grilled shrimp, chicken or a mess of burgers or brats become a spread to swoon over – my point? Packed with the all the right stuff – dip can be dinner any day of the week – talk about “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” – a big dipper 21st century-style! Try this with different legume combinations – Mother Nature has done the work for us, as all of them cook into a creamy dreamy base destined for dip. 

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split pea & lentil dip/cook 1

1. Pick over the split-peas & lentils.

split pea & lentil dip/cook 2

2. Give ’em a good rinse.

split pea & lentil dip/cook 3

3. Bring to a boil and cook them until they’re, well, cooked – just taste them, if they’re soft they’re done!

split pea & lentil dip/cook 4

4. Pour the whole lot in a colander and drain while you get on with the recipe.

split pea & lentil dip 1

5. Get the onions & garlic sautéing in a hot pan.

split pea & lentil dip 2

6. Get the cumin & turmeric ready to go.

split pea & lentil dip 3

7. Add the spices to the softened onions & garlic.

split pea & lentil dip 4

8. Stir it all around.

split pea & lentil dip 5

9. Put the cooked, cooled split-peas & lentils in the bowl of your food processor.

split pea & lentil dip 6

10. Pulse a few times to start to break them down.

split pea & lentil dip 7

11. Zest & juice the lemons and set aside.

split pea & lentil dip 8

12. Add the onion mixture to the food processor and let it go to a smoothish purée.

split pea & lentil dip 9

13. Prep the spinach.

split pea & lentil dip 10

14. Add the spinach to the lentil mixture and continue to purée.

split pea & lentil dip 11

15. Measure the olive oil and drizzle in with the machine running.

split pea & lentil dip 12

16. Season with salt & pepper.

split pea & lentil dip 13

17. Add a little heat if you like and continue to whiz until the mixture is a smooth purée.

split pea & lentil dip 14

18. Stir in the lemon zest  and juice.

split pea & lentil dip 15

19. Pile it into a bowl, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with a few sesame seeds or parsley flakes or anything else to add a finishing touch (or not).

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