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Talk about superseding – these babies should be superseding all seeds and be crowned the super seed of all time. But first a little backstory – remember chia pets? If we’d only known we should’ve been eating the seeds instead of growing them, we may be a collectively smaller planet! Chia seeds are like little sponges, which soak up water and expand – just like they do on the backs of those cute little pottery planters, which means you feel full sooner, and longer. For starters, chia seeds absorb 10, I tell you, 10 times their weight in water – imagine sprinkling a little seed over any dish which will magically take that fork out of your hand and rest it on the plate – bewitching I tell you, absolutely bewitching – you won’t know what hit you. Where to begin? Fill a stylish little shaker with seeds and put it next to the salt & pepper on the table and use accordingly – with a couple of shakes, you’ll have consumed more nutrition and less nosh than you have in a long time! Aside from the 10x-their-weight-in-water-thing – they’re easily-digested, mild-tasting, energy-generating, brain-building, weight-trimming, endurance-enhancing – all packed into a tiny little seed – now that’s a seed I want at the party!

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So get yourself some chia and start sprinkling this omega-3-loaded plant source all over everything – you won’t even know it’s there, but your bottom line will – and isn’t that what it’s really all about – that bottom line and said reduction of such! Sprinkling is the easiest way to get on the ch-ch-ch-chia bandwagon – and then you can move on from there – and a great place to start your chia challenge is in baking – as in cookies with coconut, pistachios & you guessed it, chia seeds – makes scarfing cookies a pleasure really, sans guilt –  when you know they’re packed with a boatload of nutrition. So go ahead, lace your next batch of cookies, muffins, quick breads or granola with chia seeds and see if you can ever make another batch without them – how about shortbread with a few specks of chia – I think you can picture it! I’m going to get off my chia seed soapbox now. So get reading and get watching and arm yourself with a load of ideas to get this super seed in places you never would have dreamed of!

read it – get yourself some serious know-how

watch it – class is in session – videos await

So, did you get reading & watching?

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