cornbread jalapeño muffins

When we think of muffins, we rarely think savoury, we rarely think past breakfast or snacks, we rarely think – and that needs to change. Muffins – when packed with sharp cheddar, a hint of heat and a smack of sweet (the corn) – needs to get an invitation to the party. Chili will thank you, casseroles will second it, soups & stews will bring down the gavel – SOLD! –  to every bowl filled with something to douse, dip or dunk, on every table, from here to the end of time.

cornmeal muffins

So instead of plain ‘ole boring bread to sop up the juices, get in muffin mode – they take a few minutes to bring together, just as long to bake and are best devoured fresh out of the oven. Your family will think you’ve hired help and they’ll think they’ve died and gone to heaven – so here’s to hired help and heaven – whip up some muffins and start sopping on the serious side – meet cornbread jalapeño muffins.

cornbread jalapeño muffins 16

And just a word before we begin, I cannot stress this enough … stir until just combined! Many quick bread/muffin recipes say this, “stir until just combined”, well, they mean it, I mean it, we all mean it! If you don’t want your muffins to pass for pucks then heed this advice. It is the overmixing that results in a dense, heavy, barely edible muffin that ain’t worth squat … now, let’s make ourselves some muffins …

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1. Always start with the wet stuff in one bowl – buttermilk, eggs, melted butter – and the dry in another.

cornbread jalapeño muffins 2

2. Crack a can of creamed corn.

cornbread jalapeño muffins 3

3. Get it in the bowl with the rest of the wet stuff.

cornbread jalapeño muffins 4

4. Get the peppers organized.

cornbread jalapeño muffins 5

5. Get ’em ready to finely chop.

cornbread jalapeño muffins 7

6. Fold in the dry ingredients.

cornbread jalapeño muffins 8

7. Stir in the chopped peppers.

cornbread jalapeño muffins 9

8. Defrost a cup or so of corn.

cornbread jalapeño muffins 10

9. Stir them into the batter.

cornbread jalapeño muffins 11

10. Spray a muffin tin or use liners.

cornbread jalapeño muffins 12

11. Spoon in the batter.

cornbread jalapeño muffins 13

12. ‘Til there’s no more batter and bake for 25-30 minutes.

cornbread jalapeño muffins 15

13. Don’t be deceived by the pale tops.

cornbread jalapeño muffins 17

14. A little brown around the edges is what you’re looking for.

cornbread jalapeño muffins 16

15. ‘Cause it’s around more than just the edges.

cornbread jalapeño muffins 19

16. It’s clear right round the bottom!

3 Responses to cornbread jalapeño muffins
  1. Pattullo
    November 11, 2011 | 7:46 pm

    Love it!! <3

  2. ActsofSweetness
    November 14, 2011 | 1:17 pm

    Love your blog! Everything looks tasty and creative. We shared your jalepeno cornbread recipe on our facebook page. Keep up the great work!

  3. Valter
    February 20, 2016 | 8:50 pm

    Yes, you can make cornbread in some bread maeihncs. My bread maker has a quick bread setting and can handle recipes such as cornbread, banana nut bread, pumpkin bread etc. But why would anyone want to do that? I promise you it’s just a marketing gimmick.If your problem is that you don’t have an oven, you can bake corn bread in most toaster ovens. Works fine, I’ve done it. Just make sure your pan will fit.

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