tomato soup roasted italian-style

Some things we just know for sure, and one thing I know for sure – I was a hot Italian mama in another life – straight up. No if, ands or buts about it! I eat, breathe, sleep, dream, walk & talk all things Italian – and whenever I start messing with tomatoes and heat I feel like Lucy Ricardo in that vat of grapes, or should I say I feel like the babe that’s in there with her – the feet do to the grapes what the heat does to the tomatoes – brings the extra to the ordinary.

roasted tomato soup/feature

Along with a few cloves of garlic, an onion and a little olive oil, you’ll swear you’re sitting in an Italian trattoria waiting for Paolo, Fabio and Luca to run like the wind with your zuppa, pane e vino (and perhaps a massage) – capisce? Sorry, I’m channeling my inner Mary Ann, Italy’s answer to Julia Child (her sister from an Italian mister)! Come to think of it, after roasting the tomatoes, and before puréeing them, do what Mary Ann did – make a few dips with the back of a spoon, carefully crack in a few eggs, and continue roasting for a brand new meal. What can I say, the tomato never had it so good and neither have your tastebuds. So, sorry Campbell’s, really – so, so, sorry, but when it comes to tomato soup – condensed is out, roasting is in – that was then, this is now – you had a good run, you’ve been immortilized – now how many brands of soup can say that? Exactly. click here to jump down to the tomato soup roasted italian-style recipe tomatoes in colander

1. This is where it all starts – a mound of tomatoes.


2. And always have a few garlic cloves ready to go.


3. Cut them into thick slices.

tomatoes. sliced in pan

4. Nestle them into a baking pan – it’s the roasting that turns any tomato into a summer one.

tomatoes roasted/s&p

5. Sprinkle with salt & pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.


6. For added flavour – invite chopped onions and garlic to the party.

tomatoes/canned dice

7. And just so you know you can – if you don’t have fresh, crack a couple of cans of diced tomatoes and they can be roasted just like fresh!

tomatoes canned in pan

8. Spread in an even layer in a baking pan so it is no more than a 1/2″ thick.

tomates/garlic & rosemary

9. Tuck in a few garlic cloves and a sprig of something – I have rosemary.


10. Mix it all around and put it in the oven for an hour or 2.

tomatoes/finish roasting

11. And then it will look like this.


12. Here’s a closer look – no more liquid, soft creamy cloves of garlic and a rosemary sprig that’s put it in a full days work.

tomatoes/roasted sprig in pan

13. Remove any and all sprigs. If a few leaves remain, that’s a good thing.

tomatoes/roasted stirred

14. See? It’s a good thing and as you can also see, the mixture can hold its own.

tomatoes/roasted in food processor

15. Put it all in the food processor.

tomatoes/roasted juices in pan

16. And don’t you dare waste the tidbits in the pan – add a little water and scrape up all that flavour – imagine washing all that down the drain! I know, sinful!

tomatoes/roasted with onions

17. Remove the other pan from the oven and it will look like this.

tomatoes roasted

18. And some of it will look like this.

tomatoes/roasted onions stirred

19. Give it a stir.

tomatoes/roasted onions in processor

20. And pile that in the food processor with the rest of the tomatoes.

tomatoes/roasted whizzed

21. Put on the lid and start whizzing.

tomates/roasted/puréeing done

22. And now, meet your roasted tomato soup – the Italian inspiration is coming.

tomatoes/roasted in pot

23. Pour it in a pot.

tomatoes with water

24. Add a little water, stock or red wine (yum!) until desired soupyness is reached.


25. Gather a little Italian inspiration.

chopped parsley

26. Chop a little flat-leaf parsley.

roasted tomato soup/sliced scallions

27. Slice a few scallions.

roasted tomatoe soup/parmesan

28. Shave a little parmesan – and yes, a vegetable peeler works magnificently!

olive oil

29. Have a little olive oil ready on standby.

roasted tomato soup/feature 1

30. Ladle the hot soup in a bowl and start sprinkling – parsley and scallions.

roasted tomato soup/feature

31. And finish with the shaved parmesan and a drizzle of olive oil – you won’t believe your tastebuds.

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