garlic nuggets

garlic/microwave feature 3

Oh, I know it don’t look like much, but out-of-this-world often doesn’t! I thought this was a mishap – but not so fast, I tasted and pondered – it’s on par with dried fruit (chewy & leathery) and it’s also ridin’ with chips & nuts (all crispy & crunchy). One thing is for sure however, it’s absolutely and utterly addictive! I was originally going for roasted garlic with the hopes that the microwave would cut it and I could bypass turning on the oven for a measly head or 2 of garlic – something like the sink versus the tub argument, depending on what your washin’!

garlic/microwave feature 6

So today it’s so simple that it doesn’t even qualify as a recipe – simply wrap cloves of garlic in parchment paper (skins on) and microwave in one minute increments – 2 maybe 3 times depending on the power of your microwave. Allow it to cool before unveiling. It’s like Christmas morning – depending on the size of the clove, the larger ones are chewy, like dried fruit, the smaller ones are crispy, like nuts – a divine combination! I scarfed them right off the parchment and of course quickly realized that these little nuggets would be heavenly atop pizzas, pastas, dips, salads, rice, vegetables, soups or stews. I’ll leave you with a pot of perfectly cooked pasta, generously drizzled with olive oil, blasted with parmesan and loaded up with these little babies – finished with a good crack of pepper and a few red chili flakes – oh Lord – I think I gotta go put on some water …

roasted garlic 2

1. As you can see, I was heading for the oven – that’s foil gettin’ ready to wrap –

garlic/microwave 1

2. Switched to parchment ’cause I’m heading to the microwave.

garlic/microwave 2

3. Wrap it up like a present. And leave it like this –

garlic/microwave 3

4. DON’T flip it over and seal it completely –  steam will need to escape. I didn’t heed this advice and had a kapow or 2 I could’ve done without!

garlic/microwave feature 6

5. And this is what you’ll find after 2, 3, 4 – 1 minute increments – just check as you go and stop when it’s to your liking.

garlic/microwave 4

6. You can see the crispy, crunchy.

garlic/microwave feature 3

7. And the larger cloves are chewy.

garlic/microwave 5

8. There’s not much in the dish, cause it went like this – one for the dish, one for me, one for the dish, one for me, one for the dish, one for me … so next time I’m making a heckuva lot more as apparently self-control is a bit of an issue!

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