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Where was Adele when I needed her ’cause I’ve been deep into rolling for years! When I first discovered sushi, my life was transformed. I remember my first roll ­– it was the mid 80’s, and I had everything that ever ended up in sushi, ready to roll. The sheet of seaweed (nori) made it around but one time, hugging my concoction like spanx. We all have to start somewhere. And after 2-3 decades of rolling, I’m pleased to report that I’ve slimmed down immensely and roll ‘em like the pros – and so can you! And it won’t take long – really!

Purists aside, anything can end up in a sushi roll – but first you need to make the rice. So instead of me going on and on, here’s a video to save both of us a lengthy discussion, so here’s how to make perfect sushi rice – it’s worth it to get it right. Once you’ve got the rice down, you’re halfway home. All you need now is a sushi mat, sheets of seaweed (nori) and soy sauce, wasabi & pickled ginger – all available in the Asian aisle of your grocer.

sushi roll 14

The rest is up to you – as you will see from my approach, everyday items can end up in sushi – tuna salad, hard-boiled eggs, lettuce, carrots, red peppers, avocado, cucumber, imitation crab – the list goes on and on. And for the more adventuresome – get yourself some sushi-grade fish & seafood and have a real feast. Your first stop however, is to the Asian aisle/market to pick up a few sushi essentials before unleashing that sushi-making beast inside – it’s as everyday as P,B & J in Japan! So between me and cyber sushi school – you can make sushi like it’s P, B & J! So here’s to really rolling in the deep! Any questions? You know where to find me!

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sushi cooked rice

1. Make your rice.

sushi 1

2. Make the sushi dressing – taste it, it should be noticeably sweet.

sushi rice in bowl

3. Get your hot rice in a large shallow bowl.

sushi dressing

4. Pour the dressing over top and start folding and fanning the rice. The idea is to cool off the rice as quickly as possible. Stop folding when there’s no more steam.

sushi rice closeup

5. So it looks like this. The grains will be glossy and gorgeous and yes, sticky!

sushi rice covered up

6. Cover the rice with a damp towel to keep the rice from drying out – either cover it for later or drape it while you work.

sushi fixins 1

7. Get your fixin’s together – here I’ve got tuna salad, crab, hard-boiled eggs, strips of carrots, cucumber & red pepper.

sushi tuna 2

8. A word about the tuna salad – flavour it up any way you like. Here I’ve added a seasoned sesame seaweed mixture available in the same aisle where you found the nori, wasabi & pickled ginger.

sushi lettuce

9. Lettuce is always part of my sushi party – it’s the secret rolling tool, romaine works great. Just lay it over top of the other ingredients, it really helps you grab and roll.

sushi mat

10. Get a sheet of nori on the mat.

sushi rice on mat

11. Smear the bottom half with rice. ALWAYS work with damp hands, if you don’t the rice will stick like the dickens – to your hands, to your hands!

sushi roll 1

12. Choose items to lay on the rice, just like this – a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

sushi roll 2

13. Get a hold of the edge of the mat closest to you and lift it up and over as you pull it away from you, work it into a roll shape, gently squeezing it as you pull the mat to the end. Be confident – it’s only sushi!

sushi roll 3

14. The mat is over the top – use it to pull the works into a roll. Don’t get the mat caught up in the sushi, use it to pull it into shape, until it’s all rolled up. Moisten the end of the seaweed, it will create a seal like an envelope, before rolling up completely.

sushi roll 4

15. Just like this. Move it to a platter, loosely cover with a cloth and continue rolling.

sushi roll 6

16. Repeat and fill with whatever you’ve prepped to go in your sushi – roll #2 – tuna and cucumber.

sushi roll 7

17. Roll #3 – crab, carrot strips and lettuce.

sushi roll 8

18. Roll #4 – hard-boiled egg & cucumber. A little mayo smear is nice to add a little richness – mix a shot of hot sauce into your mayo and voilà – a spicy roll.

sushi roll 10

19. Roll #5 – red pepper strips and avocado.

sushi roll 14

20. Roll #6 – tuna salad, cucumber, carrot & lettuce.

sushi roll 15

21. Roll # 7 – crab, carrot, cucumber & red pepper.

sushi roll 12

22. Roll #8 – red pepper strips and avocado – as you can see the rolls and the combinations are endless.


23. Just keep lining up your rolls. Be slightly mindful near the end so you can divide the rice/filling ingredients up evenly so your last roll isn’t a disaster! No rice lots of filling or too much rice and no filling.

sushi roll 16

24. Now it’s time to start cutting your rolls into pieces. A damp knife glides through like butter.

sushi roll 17

25. First, cut the roll in half.

sushi roll 18

26. Then cut each half into bite-sized pieces – it can range between 3-5 pieces per half depending on how packed each roll is. The more that’s in there, the fatter it will be. Think cucumber roll vs California roll.

sushi roll 19

27. Keep cutting the rolls into pieces.

sushi platter 1

28. Arrange them on a platter – keep cutting & arranging.

sushi platter 5

29. And when the platter fills up – just make a second layer – start in the middle and work out for a pretty platter.

sushi platter close up 3

30. Your friends & family will be very impressed with your mile-high platter of sushi!

sushi platter close up 2

31. I sprinkled on the sesame seaweed shake I used in the tuna for a finishing touch. You could use sesame seeds – the black ones look quite dramatic!

sushi platter close up 1

32. Or you could just serve as is.

soy, wasabi, pickled ginger

33. And of course, the starring players are the wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger.


34. Now sit back and admire your handy work – if it’s for later, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until you’re ready to eat it. And if it’s not – get your soy, wasabi & ginger ready and dig in!

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    May 24, 2013 | 1:56 pm

    There’s no question that you are an amazing cook! It was hard to pick your best one! Congrats! You’re featured! Not Your Ordinary Recipes!

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