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These days, many vegetables are available year round, regardless of what season we usually associate them with, and squash is definitely one of them. Your first thought is fall, fires, stews, roasting & toasting, so let your second thought  be summer, spices, swillin’, chillin’ & grillin’! Grab yourself some gourds and fire up the BBQ (or oven)  – they’re loaded with natural sugars that turn to magic on a hot grill (or oven) – flavour them up any way you like and you now have yet another reason to fire up the grill (or oven) – besides the swillin’ & chillin’! And  FYI –  this is a great do-ahead dish and is just as yummy (if not yummier) at room temperature whether you cooked them on a grill or in the oven! Look who’s chillin’ now?

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1. Wash and cut into thickish slices, say 1″-2″. And FYI, the outside is just as edible as the inside, and clearly peeling an acorn squash would be on par with deseeding a strawberry, no?

squash grilled 2

2. Using a spoon, simply remove the seeds from each slice.

squash grilled 3

3. Just like this.

squash grilled 4

4. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle spices on a baking tray.

squash grilled 5

5. Lay the squash slice on the tray and move them around to thoroughly coat.

squash grilled 6

6. Flip them over and do the same thing – slide the slices around to cover completely. This is where the magic is – you’ll see.

squash grilled 8

7. After 30+ minutes in a hot oven or on a hot grill, they’re ready to turn.

squash grilled 13

8. Ready?

squash grilled 10

9. Ta dah!

squash grilled 11

10. So whether you use your hot oven or your hot grill – sugars in squash do all the work – it’s high heat and fabulous seasonings that’ll give you squash slices to sing about!

squash grilled 12

11. That’s some happenin’ flavour right there!

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