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Get your morning eggs & toast all in one fell swoop – and when you whip a batch of this ridiculously simple dish, you’ll wonder why you ever thought breakfast came in a box! With a little french toast know-how, you’ll be cranking out this classic brunch favourite for lunch, dinner and beyond.

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And because it’s a method, (and a very sweet method it is), feel free to swing on the savoury side – imagine french toast stuffed with bacon & cheese or crispy salt & pepper french toast or gouda herb french toast – you can add whatever you like, just thought I’d leave you with a couple of ideas – I think I just inspired myself! So if your looking for a quick sweet treat or a savoury side, master the french toast method, and you’ll always have something to sop up the sauce!

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1. Crack the eggs in a shallow bowl.

french toast 2

2. Add the milk.

french toast 3

3. Then the cinnamon.

french toast 4

4. Whisk it all together.

french toast 5

5. Slice your favourite bread – rustic loaves make a big difference over the pre-sliced stuff.

french toast 6

6. Start soaking – one side …

french toast 7

7. … and then the other.

french toast 8

8. Get your fry pan nice and hot and add a little butter – when it foams up, you know your pan is ready for the egg-soaked slices.

french toast 9

9. Load your pan up with the the egg-soaked slices.

french toast 10

10. Resist every urge to touch the bread – magic is happening right under there!

french toast 11

11. Told ya!

french toast feature

12. Repeat and pile ’em on a plate.

french toast feature 1

13. And if you have kids – a dollop of ice milk or frozen yogurt seals the deal! Drizzle with the syrup of your choice, add a little more cinnamon before serving.

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