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chocolate s’mores fudge bars | Diary of a Crazed Cook

chocolate s’mores fudge bars

smores chocolate bark

The classic flavour combination of a s’more – chocolate, graham crackers & marshmallows, can be served up in as many ways as there are means – pies, puddings, cakes, cookies, pretzels, pops, bites, bark or bars – if there’s a means, there’s a mode! And a bar is a good a way as any! Don’t need a campfire, just the players – don’t fuss over the quantities – more or less crunch (graham crackers) or chewy (marshmallows) in the chocolate is completely up to you. There simply is no wrong way to throw these three together – a ménage à trois ’til the end of time! So on that note – next time you must explore a s’more, look no more …

s’mores smorgasbord

chocolate s'mores fudge 20

So when you’re asked, in this season of banquets, barbecues, bashes & blowouts, not to mention galas, get-togethers, receptions & riots – to bring a little something, rejoice – say “I’d love to”, “my pleasure!”, “got the perfect thing” – and do you know why? ‘Cause you do! With this little no-bake, impossible-to-screw-up confection in your arsenal – go forth with confidence! Melt chocolate, crumble crackers, snip mallows, sit back and let them be amazed – and make no mistake, they will be amazed, they will aaall be amazed! You might has well have figured out how to get money to grow on trees – oh yah, I’ve got me an orchard of those!

chocolate s'mores fudge 1
1. Pile your chocolate in a pot and set over low heat.
chocolate s'mores fudge 2
2. Add a can of sweetened condensed milk.
chocolate s'mores fudge 4
3. Get the vanilla and salt ready and add it to the pot.
chocolate s'mores fudge 3
4. Get it all mixed up and keep stirring until it’s thoroughly melted.
chocolate s'mores fudge 5
5. Getting there …
chocolate s'mores fudge 6
6. Meanwhile, line the baking pan with plastic wrap.
chocolate s'mores fudge 7
7. Collect the graham crackers and marshmallows – use mini or simply cut up large ones.
chocolate s'mores fudge 8
8. Break the crackers up into pieces – I use my hands, a processor will annihilate them!
chocolate s'mores fudge 9
9. If using large marshmallows, wet a pair of scissors and cut them into quarters.
chocolate s'mores fudge 10
10. Start with the graham crackers and fold them into the melted chocolate mixture.
chocolate s'mores fudge 11
11. Just like this.
chocolate s'mores fudge 12
12. Next are the marshmallows.
chocolate s'mores fudge 13
13. When the mixture is well-incorporated, dumb the lot onto the pan lined with plastic wrap and start spreading it out with a spatula.
chocolate s'mores fudge 14
14. Just like this – keep spreading to make an even layer.
chocolate s'mores fudge 15
15. ‘Til you got wall-to-wall s’more heaven!
chocolate s'mores fudge 16
16. Press a few more marshmallows here and there.
chocolate s'mores fudge 17
17. Do the same with pieces of graham cracker.
chocolate s'mores fudge 18
18. Drizzle melted chocolate all over to hold it all together – slip it into the fridge to allow it to harden, this won’t take long.
chocolate s'mores fudge 19
19. See? Perfectly set!
chocolate s'mores fudge 20
20. Im ready for my close-up!
chocolate s'mores fudge 21
21. Cut into squares.
chocolate s'mores fudge 22
22. Chocolatey, chewy, crunchy, sensational s’mores fudge bars unveiled!
chocolate s'mores fudge 23
23. Pretty as a picture! Dig in.

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