coconut lemon muffins with chia seeds

glazed lemon coconut chia seed muffins

Lemon poppy seed muffins scream the 1990’s almost as loud as scrunchies, line dancing & pogs (remember them?) and have made an appearance on dessert trays ever since. It’s such a glorious combination on it’s own but is also an opportunity to switch it up – from the flour to the seeds to the supporting players. Healthier whole-grain pastry flour stands in for regular, pumped up chia seeds stand in for poppy and coconut oil & flakes bring added flavour & texture, not to mention added health benefits! These started out innocently enough, fell off the rails as I rallied my stand-ins, recovered, ending up with a zippy, tangy, lip-smackin’ little muffin, all in under an hour!

muffins/lemon chia seed 15

So, what do I mean “fell off the rails … rallied … and recovered” – coconut oil is solid at room temperature and resists mixing into cold liquids, so when the cold milk, cold eggs, agave and coconut oil started whizzing around, it looked like the effects of global warming – little coconut oil glaciers floating randomly at sea, refusing to make peace with the cold milk. What to do? I added half the dry ingredients, beat it into submission, which brought the sea back together, then simply added the loose batter to the bowl with the other half of the dry stuff. I would do it like this again, as opposed to liquifying the coconut oil in the first place. Don’t want to be messin’ with hot oil in my batter! Just thought you needed to know that every muffin session ain’t a cake walk, but hopefully it ends up as one! 

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muffins/lemon chia seed/lemons 1

1. First, zest and juice the lemons.

muffins/lemon chia seed/lemons 2

2. You’ll want at least 1/4 of a cup – set aside.

muffins/lemon chia seed 1

3. Measure the dry ingredients and stir to combine.

muffins/lemon chia seed 2

4. Get the wet together.

muffins/lemon chia seed 3

5. Add the eggs.

muffins/lemon chia seed 4

6. Start whizzing. This is where the effects of global warming showed up – little coconut oil glaciers refusing to make peace with the cold milk & eggs.

muffins/lemon chia seed 5

7. So I added half the dry ingredients and beat it into submission.

muffins/lemon chia seed 6

8. Add the loose batter from the mixer to the bowl with the other half of the dry stuff.

muffins/lemon chia seed 7

9. And fold away until no flour streaks remain.

muffins/lemon chia seed 8

10. Fold in the coconut, chia seeds & lemon zest.

muffins/lemon chia seed 9

11. This was an afterthought – lemon extract to push the lemon flavour. This could be added to the wet at the start as well.

muffins/lemon chia seed 10

12. Fill your muffin liners 1/2-2/3 full.

muffins/lemon chia seed 12

13. And presto – lovely golden lemony warm muffins just beggin’ for a lip-smackin’ glaze!

muffins/lemon chia seed 14

14. But first, look how lovely and airy!

muffins/lemon chia seed 15

15. And golden on the bottom.

muffins/lemon chia seed 17

16. This is a 1:1 ratio of blue agave & lemon juice – stick with the ratio and you’ve mastered lemon glaze 101 minus a boatload of sugar.

muffins/lemon chia seed 16

17. Take your tester (or anything that can make little holes) and pierce your muffins all over. The glaze will now seep ever so cleverly into the muffin.

muffins/lemon chia seed 18

18. Using a pastry brush, start brushing the glaze generously over each muffin.

muffins/lemon chia seed 19

19. Until their all glazed up.

muffins/lemon chia seed 20

20. The end.

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  1. Ayaka & Meaghan
    May 25, 2012 | 2:12 am

    We’ve yet to try chia seeds, this might be the recipe that gets us on the bandwagon. They look so yummy!

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